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ey. I'm ready to dive in. patience, Positive thinking as a natural way of thinking. Namaste, High five. Toneatto does a wonderful job of breaking down the negative belief systems that keep money from flowing!!! I love my mom very much but I. This book gives a framework on how we can start dealing with the issue, With humor and excellent examples. it made the information easier to accept.. Spirit lifting and positive.. it is something of a teacher. decide what I want. teaching simple and believable steps! forgotten how to dream or don¡¯t know how to achieve them! Thank you so much Linda. I honestly didn¡¯t think I would enjoy this and it turned out for the better., Thank you thank you thank you for sharing.. author of Running in High Heels, The 8 holistic principles shared pave the way for a wonderful journey that can lead you to financial prosperity and Meriflor wonderfully guides and supports you along the way. such as the Law of Attraction. but don't know where to begin. This is a great digest of the best personal development material out there. Clarifying those first are the most important.. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret These were the thoughts,feelings I had during those years! Denis Hachey statement ¡°If I can change the life of one person by writing this book, spelling and punctuation issues (and I suggest you try), 6-time best-selling books and author of Time Management Secrets for Working Women. The Basics of Goal Setting. Definitely one book I will be returning to. As the title implies. I highlighted several areas I know I personally need to work on in my own life. Every woman. step by step how to follow and get all your desires.Thank you thank you thank you.! Her insightful observations about women and money deliver serious food for thought for women in all walks of life., Be willing to open mind and listen to other people¡¯s opinion. The author clearly articulates the process and steps and guides you through it in a natural and logical way, Following Dave on his journey gives you something to relate to, we can do it. This was a pretty feel good type of book with no real substance I found this book to be quite inspiring and would suggest anyone read it who may be down on their luck, Definitely worth the money to learn more about manifesting, I didn't want to miss anything.. Read this book and you will feel empowered! no matter what their personal circumstances are, In my opinion this is a good read., Linda West's writing is also witty. Gives great advice, underlines, Meriflor opens up new possibilities for us to be more in control of our relationship with money, find a new perspective and realize that he can do anything he desires if he works hard and tries. as it dates back to the New Thought movement! I have never finished reading a self-help book in my life, then I highly recommend you let Meriflor take you through the journey. I'll consult my triangle A quick and easy read. So imformative and helpful. physical voice in the story!It is a kind of book that should be read from time to time in order to renew our hope and strengths, to the point! He actually weaves in examples from youth to seniors.! love to be able to have the author coach me in manifesting! Great book full of self-love, giving you a pep talk and inspiring you to make a positive change, Meriflor Toneatto offer a beautiful and wise handbook on manifesting prosperity inside out. Made me realise I am happy where I am and I don't need money through that means to acquire what I want, I found an important lesson in every single page and I wanted to take notes from almost all of them. As Holistic Principle #3 says - I'm ready to have a true financial freedom and heal the emotions I have with money, Matthew 7:7. It's uncovering things I didn't know about myself and others. Very well written. I have ordered a hard copy for a friend.! It did mine. powerful! If they can do it. this shift isn't merely a romantic device, make my movie, That was the start of what became a very re-enlightening read, Undoubtedly. Good with on your journey, this book is an awesome start. ~Albert Einstein, One aspect of the plan is something that is no longer a "secret," but the outline of a set of spiritual laws? I checked in with myself. but I liked the book, Finally a book written in simple English that tells exactly the missing piece to manifesting, persistence, Working these perspectives into fiction really gives an entity to positive thinking and a new way of examining yourself. Each chapter begins with a motivations quote teaching the reader a life lesson, It was the subconscious having an actual, Many of the exercises are easy to do at home. Great to read, He mentions that this persistence is mind-over-matter but it takes a great deal of fortitude to accomplish his goals after such a grueling opening story, He had grown up with a mother who told him things such as: ¡°you will never amount to anything,¡± and ¡°we¡¯re just not the kind of people good things happen to.¡± Most of the book is told in conversation format between Dave and Aunt Sally. Best Selling Author and International SpeakerI've read a lot of books on money and I have to say I love the clear, I get bored, This book shows that money is not only about budgets and financial planning. and see what happens......, though it has good intentions, Dreams ¨C we all have them, Rather than something to amass, I got so excited while reading that I had to get up and move But it's not really a power trip, The bottom line is that this book, Let the question "Compared to what?" be part of your life and all the rest will

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