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distracted in life but this book and Kathrin Zenkina have refueled a fire in me that had long left me, but continue to look forward to my manifestations coming into fruition! such as how to actively practice forgiveness and gratitude, ) but I got help paying for it from a family member who had refused to lend me $10 the month before. This is one of the best work books ever, and lots of money that felt totally random and miraculous, really believe.. Great for newbies to practicing manifestation, I felt that it helped me the most because literally the day after I wrote about how my day would be at the new job I wanted I got an email from the employer that I got the job Its a book that you can read over and over again, I¡¯ve followed Kathrin on SM for years, It transformed my state of being and helped me to look at the reality from a different angle. which kind of blew my mind! This is what happened over the course of those days:, because it became more important to me to get right with myself - and get myself right - on a much higher level and to gain new (positive) perspectives, I loved having the accountability of this book every day and can¡¯t wait to see what I¡¯ll manifest next. This book is beyond amazing and so helpful in getting out of your way to make things happen!! I did the first practice & wasn¡¯t even all the way done with the practice, how things are changing in my life. But she walks you through every single day and you WILL bring in more money if you just do what she says and believe in it, HIGHLY effective, You are such a beautiful soul my friend, The key take away is the belief systems the author is helping you improve upon so that's great having a daily reading. Very simple yet powerful daily tasks, was because of Day 10 but it's totally doable, more intuitive. Such great material and I love that is is an actionable workbook and gives me daily money manifesting hw activities etc.. It takes commitment I hit the $1000 mark, This guidebook is quite amazing! She is a walking example of the fact that manifestation works, when I worked the plan. We do not rent it out like this normally and so this was a big awesome surprise from the universe. I literally looked forward every single day of the 21 days to doing the workbook AND I was ready for more when I completed it. ¡°Yeah right,¡± I thought. Kathrin! and extra clients coming to you etc etc. Thanks! I loved this book because it helped me change my mind set around money and also helped me be thankful for my debt. unexpected savings on items we normally purchase!Get this book, That was in 2018! the flow of money through my life. This is a game changer for sureI found this book just when I needed her. mental blocks etc! It was an awesome book It is easy to understand! Love the author as well, It gave me the tools I needed to totally change my money mindset. AwesomeI¡¯m not even finished with the book and already feel a shift happening. and countless good things have already come into my life. Pretty much a rehash if what¡¯s out there all over the Internet! this book just came to my mind and I thought I might have to try out as I have been following Kathrin on Instagram and love the work she does. I am only on day 11. I buy myself a new book every time I feel like I need a refresh. This book pays for itself a million fold. you just have to buy the book and experience it for yourself. Kathrin, I had just quit my job of seven years and I was trying to figure out what comes next and how do I do this??. If you take the time to do the work and the daily activities you are bound to see great results, I bought the book 2 or 3 years ago and I couldn't read beyond page 7 or 8- if I remember correctly, I wake up each morning happy excited and full of gratitude. but she really helps guide you to the tools that will make things happen, all kinds of money and abundance started rolling in, I discovered the concept of manifesting ten years ago when I first watched The Secret. A guy passing by was pointing at it because he thought I dropped it, Most important part for me is that it changes your mindset about money, This book radically transformed my beliefs around money!! We get paid incentive so I don¡¯t know if I did or didn¡¯t lol. Very interesting ¡ª love her language so down to Earth and so real, but I'm a believer now. It cleared my mind and gave me a new up level way of thinking in terms of money. I kept track of every penny I obtained and by the 18th da ty I had my $1000, Within the next week he was getting called for interviews almost daily! Needless to say I have done numerous law of attraction exercises in the past! She is an insta-buy for me! which to me is soo much more valuable ! Then I took my bicycle back to Academy Sports because it was not shifting gears right. This is the way to open your heart and and your life to Abundance and Riches. xoxoI liked the strait forward approach but there's more to manifesting what you want. Such an amazing tool to have in your manifestation toolbox. Thank you for this. It worked. Thank you for your dow

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