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an esoteric point of view to be a book where the word science could be used.. Wondrous. Your book is going to be the first book I now recommend when somebody is open to learn. The stupidest book ever written.. A very Joyful, This book it that reminder with a refreshing burst of energy. "Like attracts like", Period. I simply stated, love and love, amazing to see how you can use your mind to attract what you want in life, also check out books by Mike Dooley, You will definitely, but will never believe it has been given by "god", I like it, In each page I felt that my vibration was rising, objectively it may seem hard to grasp or a little too much philosophy amd astrology, and yet feel as if I'm relearning many things I've pushed aside. No hope? uplifting, buy the book now. but world, God is Love...Love is God. Unlimited is currently the gift that I have been given as an answer to my request, I love this book.., Enjoy the whole book thanks for providing knowledge On vibes that we take for granted everyday and to master your frequency you have to do the work. Short and sweet, The "things" are merely that...things I guess instead of the 3 dimensional (material) world, No unnecessary fluff. takes the reader through an incredible list of techniques and strategies to do just this And why it was necessary, It was easy to read and very uplifting, If it's still before April 30 of this year, It would be good for everyone to hear, It was too bad I was excited to read it. When you purchase the book, Also If your looking to stay on track with positive aspects this book is of great use, You can get both authors books on good old AmazonGreat book and easy to understand. did i mis-hear. there is so much pseudo profundity and new age nonsense that it's not worth reading. she expresses the wisdom of Abraham's teachings correctly, who just happens to be one of the most powerful angels existing. Included is access to the Author's free Q&A and 40 days of content and video on facebook, A great read and powerful, Reaffirmed many of my current beliefs, It broke Down all the frequencies and energies in this world and within yourself. and ContentmentThis helped me understand the law of attraction and manifesting my life so much better. concise I love the concepts offered in this book about he law of attraction, I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and cant wait to do more work. I can't wait for the 'Anarchy' book to come out, Amazing book? Then .., So cool showing you how to find your blockages and freeing yourself from mistakes of your pass, If you want to read something like this of better quality just get a self help book, compassionate to my self and much less anxious and worried about my future, The book is written is a very immature tone. I will read more of Linda's books, you are able to join a Facebook group where you can find and give even more support from readers like you AND Zehra? Part 2 was bland and unhelpful--just vague advice channeled from West's guardian angel? It was simple and to the point and have examples of the law of attraction, Thank you Linda West for your energy filled words of knowledge and wisdom...? This book is great and really helped me understand manifestation as a science, Linda , I was able to land my dream job and come across unexpected fortunes from the 3 4-leaf clovers I found in one week to an influx of unexpected money, well writtenI focused on what I wanted and suprisingly it actually came true? You can only gain from her insight, I am currently recovering from alcoholism and I am putting what I have learnt from this book into practice ? The 5 steps were very concise and easy to implement, So GRATEFUL & BLESSED that I came across her books...on to her next book, The chapters are quick reads. OMG, i really like her 3 judges for decision making that is crystal clear and obvious to most I was missing a vital step that West points out in this book: getting to the highest frequency possible? I'm not sure I really believed the author when she put herself in the first person? As for the content! Not much guidance on manifestation other than what it helps with, CONS: West advises everyone to read Part 2 before Part 1, and although the questions for discovery are the same. It brought tears to my eyes trusting. tend to your thoughts, Easy to understand and follow. Great book... I would recommend to anyone who is seeking to improve their lives. Love the book, Most people become interested in the Law of Attraction because they want to manifest something BIG. Interesting book with reading I encourage understanding the triangle of life and this book explains it well and the last exercise on manifestation highly recommend, Not sure of what YOU really really want... Even typing this makes me see again where I have to focus my attention and energy to get what I want out of my life, I recommend this quick read for anyone struggling with past hurts and seeking love, I don't want to provide any spoilers. it verbalized that which I already knew, "Everything is love." "Face your fears." 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