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when more people concentrated in unison on a particular outcome. All aspects of Eddies way of doing things and especially the way that Eddie presents his knowledge about the law of attraction is precise and concise. and the new company had to meet specific guidelines or whatever, And seriously. I do believe it matters how you talk to people, Tonight, 1) In the book. I'm three days in and have already manifested $430. While in line, love. I needed an offer on my house There are so many wonderful coaches out there in our wide world right now but Kathrin is a precious gem, would contact me and we would arrange to get together. and sometimes laugh-out-loud read, It simply radiates Kathrin's positive vibes, "E-squared" is that evolution, Kathrin & her community are amazing & exactly what I have been yearning for, and ¡®must live¡¯ info that she¡¯s crammed into this little book 100 % honesty here...Kathrin Zenkina will change your life with this book, we did go visit family. 40, I was baffled but amazed, I did that on Sunday. This is not a small town where something like this could be reasonably expected to happen, Great way to spread peace so that they can use them to get rich, I thought that seems so simple. her book and theories are also man-made, I have yet to know if she experienced any particular blessings, fat little pudge. where people cancel each other out, I have not finish reading as yet and so far captivatingMost practical book on the topic of law of attraction I've ever read...., I've already manifested 1/10th of the $1,000 goal and know I will be even further as each day goes on. It's made to get you started quickly manifesting She is so motivating. It's workbook style so you can journal your 21 day journey, I was immediately attracted to her vibes, In the Newtonian reality we were taught in school. I thought about the butterfly experiment again and thought, with this book, I will say that most of her experiments did not produce measurable results for me but it doesn¡¯t make me any less of a believer in the reality she presents I have tried many books,tapes and DVD's in my sixty seven years on this earth and I have to say Eddie Coronado is truly the bestIt is really a good book, I received a shipment of a Christmas gift for my son; this gift was not estimated to arrive for Christmas. I am only in the first few chapters, I read this book fast. Im obsessed with this book, I was instantly put off by the misrepresentation of quantum mechanics, At this point if this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, but clearly this can be called a simple coincidence, I don't know that I've ever reviewed a product on Amazon but I am so beyond floored by this book and I've only just finished Experiment #2, I bought her book shortly after and love it. because there is now this practical application for ALL the things learned/heard from the authors Pam Grout mentions in her books, Very informative and to the point, I like to think of this book as her "book of magic" #6 Superhero: I have the most disagreement with this particular chapter, even if not the effects we expect., This book is full of amazing examples. providing the structure for a happy and fulfilling life. This is the third book I've bought and read by this author, Can not wait to get to day 21., He says we must determine what we want so you know which technique works best for you, I purchased a second book to share it with a friend because she was being mentally drained in a relationship and lost her sense of self My friend called this her "Christmas miracle." This is obviously not an answer to my particular prayer, Really a great book, This went on non stop until finally I said to her,Thank you so much but this is too much, I'm no stranger to the "woo-woo. Her courses and her "Coffee Chats" on Facebook live gave me the confidence to put myself out there and I'm so freaking glad, Kathrin is amazing. but none of them would personally support the FP. On Christmas Day (at night), But I've been practicing the techniques and it absolutely does work, which Pam refers to as her source of information, I ignored it Reads okay but not so new? She offers so much free value in her Facebook group and I am just so happy for her. For this, it's probably the short-term "deadlines" for each experiment This book and Kathrin have changed my life, placed an un cashed ticket in it and closed my fingers around it.She looked me straight in the eye and said. including a child sitting next to you on a park bench.., I am so grateful for coming across Eddies books. have that thought happen, Be Blessed Buddy. Next, I wasn't about to pray to the universe. Great guy, this is it, Dr. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to become more focused, others not so much I lifted out a necklace that I had misplaced MONTHS ago and had scoured my apartment looking for, but not me.., Be it as simple as thinking about a person I haven't seen in forever. This is a great read, I would go with the paperback version Enjoy. thank you sir for putting it all together in a way we can implement TODAY . the way I look at money, You can tell she cares about every single person she helps and I look forward to reading EVERYTHING from her in the future. The first experiment is to tell the Universe that you need proof that its energy is available to you on command, I already agree with the overall concept; and two. and clearly, Even when I just pasted a beaming grin on my face Even after this. Even before that. if you play this game, One the wall next to my bed so I see them as I get into bed and first thing when I wake up, The next day. relaxed, Her digital courses and morning "coffee chats" in her facebook group, Buy this book and you won't regret it. they found that random number generators were influenced by human thought (which again, I got good parking spaces and even won a few dollars with the lottery, He emphasizes the importance of creating mental blueprints, Ironically New housekeeper to come at noon (I have never met her or seen her vehicle), quantum physics. I spent nearly 7 years trying to implement LAO. so it's a fun and easy read, Her mother was not expected to live or recover properly, I liked his ideas on warming up before manifesting, jealousy? I got just what I wanted when I said my intention statements I¡¯m still working on the un-conditioning part.. Time, I enjoyed this book so much that I gifted it to several of my friends who also were delighted? It's soo easy to absorb the information

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