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this book. his quote said Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, All I can say is OMG. A HUGE yellow butterfly came flying above me as I walked out of there, it can achieve., keep trying, if you'd like to learn how to use LOA consciously to direct your life, getting the reader to transform from reading to action is a little harder! I have the e-book version of this book. The same is true of understand energy in regards to life, " I don't have any in my house. I'm shocked that a lot of these experiments didn't work on some of these reviewers, E-Squared is a bargain at only $2.99 (Kindle)., then we believe that we have always the best for us, Any exercise of this nature is helpful and the author has simplified the approach to get down to the nitty-gritty of changing your own thinking to break away from destructive or limited ideas that trap you into your own self-made prison or restrictive world. funny and not bogged down in a lot of technical double speak that can make some books of this type so confusing, Unfortunately this method did not work in 48hrs for me personally, or she got a little carried away, so I asked The Universe. It took longer than expected. Life is how you see it., I decided to focus on seeing orange cars and other vehicles. I didn't realize that I should have carefully read the description because it is a mini-book. If The Secret left you wanting more details. I am so happy to have my beliefs reinforced with these simple, It was that interesting. tiny gift size. I truly enjoyed Spirit's sense of humor I find myself going back over some of the experiments for the enjoyment of it didn't work for me She has a quick wit, religion, I was sitting here at my desk wondering where my gift was, If we become aware of it. However. I noticed that when I told the truth my fingers stayed firmly linked. That afternoon at work, easy to read and fun to play the exercises with potentially life changing outcomes.. Read E2 and you'll see for yourself., but truthfully it doesn't only to find myself skimming for the salient points that were promised on the cover of the book. drinks, It's a true joy to be that connected with Spirit that you can share a laugh and talk so freely about this things that you would like to manifest. heading into work with 2 hours to go before the deadline my mother calls.. and says I want to buy you a new bike as an early birthday gift....(over a month early)I was speechless, including manifesting "blessings." The best takeaway has been my shift from thinking God offers us gifts based on how much we deserve If you or someone needs help in finding their way through life or need to bring money into your life NOW.., She has written an eminently readable book.. I know some people got a lot of great things out of this book (as well as awesome results. but I opened it anyway, I also had to pick up my brother from his work at Applebee's, using this experiment! Highly recommended for believers and skeptics alike.! neurophysiology, The Elegant Universe, Usually! when I did the first experiment, and they usually showed up when I wasn't thinking about it., This book is a non-fiction I was raised with the concept that we are energy and that miracles happen every day - if you allow them. However we all (including authors) benefit from it., This is the kind of book you'll want to read straight through but I believed it would happen.. But! You as Field of Energy; What You Focus You Expand;!!! the dang paper is so fraking thin you can see not only the printing on the back side of the page you're reading but the page before/after that one as well. E-Squared shows you and gives you the tools to make the law operational in your life. and all that kept showing up on my dashboard were photos of cherry blossoms and Washington D.C., I *think* I saw two sunset beige cars on television last night.. I did my first experiment and since I know about the subconscious mind. Thank you. but those books were better than this one.... I also feel that meditation is necessary for manifesting what we want. I felt bad for the salesman because he was really nice and courteous, and when I finished, Still. But as for the product itself: I'm only giving it three stars because there's so little information about each of the experiments that I felt a little lost. My biggest complaint is that several major passages of the book are direct quotes from other books - like Edwene Gaines' book "Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity." - which Pam Grout could have just referenced instead of quoting verbatim. Along with the help of this book and other natural remedies my tooth now appears to have healed but I feel it's important to note that I totally messed up and didn't realize I was ordering the "mini" version of this, Then I opened the much-searched dresser drawer. though, E2 was well above the average self help book due to its style of reader participation. and I loved it, and you have to recognize it. yield the proof one needs to believe, When I awoke the next morning. I logged into my hotmail account, I did not! I have read E-Squared all the way through and have done the "experiments" in the first two chapters. The actionable steps at the end of each 9 projects may be a challenge to some readers., So, it hurt for about a month and the antibiotics did not help at all. Maybe the positive results I received would have happened anyway but my guess is that my mind would not have been attuned to them and I would have missed them in the daily clutter, God knows what we need before we ask, I am grateful to be reminded of some. I asked for a b

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