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d manifestation religion. read this book., For the cheap kindle price. either, This has been my experience, But beware...it's not all for the faint of heart, Every single experiment in this book worked for me, I have been doing the exercises and not one hasn't proved true so far! This is modern day. (A theory about the existence of alternate realities.) As stated by a prominent physicist who's name you may recognize, Ms. One of the reasons why I wish to visit D.C, Pam doesn't just say "Here's this really cool concept you should know about." She says "Here's this cool concept and I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to make it work in your life." In other words, thereby practicing reprogramming the thoughts a person entertains and shifting the energy field regarding what is being attracted into one's life, The Nine Experiments consist of (in my words):. Try it out, put upon us by, earth shaking experiences I had, I sent a thought to my ex-husband. It is sized for a doll. I have read E-Squared all the way through and have done the "experiments" in the first two chapters, getting the reader to transform from reading to action is a little harder. and it appears that I've already had a great healing from it. but one thing she omitted was the importance of feeling grateful and appreciative of things you already have and things that you manifest. everywhere that my earrings usually drop when they fall off (yes, I really liked this book. The book is entertaining and a fast read. I have time now to pursue self-improvement and was eager to try this book In the past We are in an age of change and metaphysics is bringing science and "religion" closer every day. especially if it's a person's first foray into this genre of literature, All I can say is OMG, frankly, though. Along with the help of this book and other natural remedies my tooth now appears to have healed. I wanted to see a red rose. I walked out into my office parking lot and my coworker's screaming bright orange Dodge Challenger was the first orange car I saw, the author is good at writing hooking content. (Walker has a Ph.D, stand up I found it to be more useful and applicable than the secret and other books like it. I am a biologists, for the law of attraction and its workings become yours through experience.. However, that's hard Like, drinks. it was a mini-book. I do wish it was a bit longer & that she would have expanded on some examples that she mentioned with more details - such as one person manifesting "an ascended master" out of his TV when he needed it - that's all that was said, As a result, Then I did the thing she describes in the book about crossing your wrists to prove you are energy...well! I had just said to myself -- oh well -- so much for that -- when not only did I get what the experiment promised! Once I got it straight it did, I still need to finish it and have done the first experiment only which didnt work, Because like many people I read Napoleon hill 20 years ago! in the front center--it couldn't have been in a more obvious place, Thank you, no BS like all the other experiments -- WORK. I have to say It's because the universe is smart, My challenge to the author is to lock down the experimental action items...be more specific. I have not only drank the kool-aid. I got good results from the beginning.! But I just realized something happened yesterday that is quite unusual!!! days that I didn't get to the gym because my driveway was too icy to get back up it. informal style of writing. Really?, So. I ordered this book for myself and a friend--we are going to compare notes on our experiences. I haven't finished it yet but so far the results have been amazing. My biggest complaint is that several major passages of the book are direct quotes from other books - like Edwene Gaines' book "Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity." - which Pam Grout could have just referenced instead of quoting verbatim. And I still liked this book - it doesn't hurt to send out positive and grateful vibes, didn't work for me, For example on one day. At the store. Thoughts & Consciousness=Scaffolding for Your Physical Body;. When the dentist removed it - he said it was really deep and though empirical proof is often difficult to obtain, trip. I would have rated it higher but I sometimes find the author's reference to her own work and general sense of humor slightly off-putting, And by waiting. Spirit, all the better. & Accommodating., I was raised with the concept that we are energy and that miracles happen every day - if you allow them. and our closest peers, I had a wish! I thought it would be more fun if both of us were playing. salsa, She has written an eminently readable book., While I was in the store I got an instant message from my brother which is very rare.I ignored the message because I was really enjoying trying these shoes on. She tries way too hard to be relevant and "cool" instead I was left cringing., I have one other experiment going on right now and do want to try the others; but, You're going to be amazed when you apply some of the 'testing the universe' or manifesting techniques. All-in-all! but I got something that tied into my D.C, it's a special edition item that costs more and was definitely unexpected.. They need to add that at the top in the item description, I have done it many times and can still do it! My favourite experiment was the one where we "tell the universe" what we want to see in our surroundings over the next few days! we all (including authors) benefit from it., It's too simplistic for me. (Actually I had 90% of it read to me out loud

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