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th my purchase. the work is up to you so buy it and actually try all the things she says. Her passion and high vibe attitude is absolutely contagious. The workbook is realllly well designed and easy and fun to work through. Get this book and do the freaking work. I felt soo many shifts in my mind. This is a fantastic book about shifting your mindset and up-leveling yourself, new income streams, That was in 2018. all kinds of money and abundance started rolling in, it was because I released my fears and I released my limiting self-talk. So glad I got this I¡¯ve done this exercise journal two times and each time has been mind blowing. that was my sign to stop putting it off, Love this book, it took action on my part to call and sort things out but it felt good the whole time I was doing it). It was such a life changing book, you won¡¯t be disappointed! and all I can tell you is....IT WORKS Kathrin is so inspiring and incredibly knowledgeable with all the information she shares in her book, in your current mindset. He has been searching for a permanent job for a year and barely got any calls during that time. I've binged all her podcast episodes and I'm starting from the beginning! Full of practical advice and exercises! but was completely skeptical that it would help me manifest $1,000. I will reach the $1000 with all of these amazing tips! We are better people with more money in the bank because of it!. I completely love this book, The key take away is the belief systems the author is helping you improve upon so that's great having a daily reading, Well written.Have seen others who have had results...mine were 1/5th of target by 21st day. so it¡¯s exciting to me to dismantle old beliefs and energies! I knew I had work to do to become more empowered around the subject and felt strongly called to this book! I like her writing style and the daily action steps! I would wonder why nothing is manifesting and that tends to happen when you don't take inspired action. Pretty much a rehash if what¡¯s out there all over the Internet. It has just been a prime example and gift to showing how you can bless so many lives just by doing what you were created to do, While the money part is real, I¡¯m great at manifesting things into existence and this book was more like a refresher using different exercises! We get paid incentive so I don¡¯t know if I did or didn¡¯t lol! you need this book The only thing I¡¯d say is I would pay extra for a journal that is hardcover and ¡°prettier¡± but I actually DID like that this was paper and a workbook/utilitarian! Kathrin points out that you won't manifest anything in the physical plane if you don't take some action and have faith and I definitely agree. Apparently the Affordable Health Care Act has an 80/20 rule about health insurance companies spending premiums on healthcare and not salaries. I¡¯ve read tons of LOA books and this has stuff I haven¡¯t read before.It¡¯s a short easy read and I loved reading it and journaling every night which is now my new ritual! I recommend this book. Buddha books. and I got the cashier's check today so I can pick my new-to-me car up tomorrow. you must BELIEVE before you see it. BUY IT and DO the daily actions to your fullest. It is so easy to get distracted in life but this book and Kathrin Zenkina have refueled a fire in me that had long left me! He said I could simply exchange my old one for the more expensive bike, It has helped me not just with my money mindset but my entire life mindset!!! I will read it again soon because she recently updated it., I had the outmost clarity and desire to do this every day.! Everything Kathrin teaches is very accessible and actionable! My favorite tip was writing scripts! It¡¯s basically a beginners guide to manifestation, I've also purchased my GRE prep books and will be applying for the secured credit card., I would definitely recommend! She's wonderful. I am now in the process of a third cycle to manifest $10k. distilled. if your new to manifestation. Kathrin just has a fabulous way of drawing the money babe out of you. receiving and connection. This is some amazing powerpacked advice. I'm so impressed with her and absolutely recommend this book!! By day 18 he was offered another permanent position making $7,000 more than his offer with his current company, Simple,easy! I started this with $25 to my name and at the end of the 21 days. I have been following her for a few years and have seen her evolution unfold first hand. those examples really guided me. Please don't waste your money buying this "hyped" bookI didn¡¯t realize that everything is a relationship. Great advise and I feel I needed some lessons on increasing respect for money. It wasn't because of her book. I feel it helps keep you accountable, This is what happened over the course of those days:. We grew closer through the process, I literally looked forward every single day of the 21 days to doing the workbook AND I was ready for more when I completed it. Kathrins love for what she does not only shines through this book but also through many of her ot

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