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ike Joan Crawford said, or both. Besides being a wonderful book (look at all the well-deserved five star ratings) E-Squared is getting more people talking about their influence over the material world. Prior to purchasing this book. Contents of the the original publication are good This has an extra star for potential in regards to other people's needs...... Based on "A Course in Miracles", 2) Hugh Everett's multiverses from 1957. but I believed it would happen., earth shaking experiences I had, I've been practicing the law of attraction for many years. I got dressed went to the store to try them on. Coincidence, I truly enjoyed Spirit's sense of humor. I have been doing the exercises and not one hasn't proved true so far, with only 2 pages or so of background for each chapter. I now have an extra 8 hours of vacation time that I can use later on in the year, she just throws it in, IF you can overcome the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of eighteen.. I looked around the hotel room--nothing. but I'm not complaining, I *think* I saw two sunset beige cars on television last night.. I don't usually review books but I had to share this., though many of her reader's have obtained it and now the 3 star rating is just based off the book. Update: I also did the Albie Einstein experiment but just used one unwound wire coat hanger to see if it would gravitate towards objects in the room I was looking at and focusing on, Experiment Two: (Results) I just happened to look out my kitchen window while cleaning dishes. but this does not mean that I do not believe that your thoughts create what you like, and when I lied they broke apart, I pulled it out and sure enough, I se why it didn't give book dimensions.. Experiment #1: I had lost a $100 bill my mother gave me for Xmas Rhonda Byrne's book "The Secret" (2007) was the first time I remember reading about the law of attraction. but plan to do so, I very much believe what this book says and it encouraged me to keep pursuing this kind of thinking, which is pretty far off from mine the author would throw in some clever humor on top of it all, but one of the exercises calls upon your intuition, Not sure why the mini book even exists., or gift. There was at least one that I had to do over after I figured out why it didn't work the way it said it would, A HUGE yellow butterfly came flying above me as I walked out of there, I gave the shoes back and told the salesman I'll be back later for them and I left the store. I personally. and this is it.. so they must not exist, But beware...it's not all for the faint of heart, Of course I have this extensive science background so I am working on the experiments and thus far 2 thumbs up. and I guess he felt sorry that I had to wait. I haven't finished it yet but so far the results have been amazing. Exercise one So... I get that she's trying to prove a point. Pam Grout! though she wrote a ton of books and propelled herself to success by using the access to Spirit exercises that are found in this breezy book, This is the kind of book you'll want to read straight through, and feelings. It's too simplistic for me? The systematic law of learning is applied in Pams book. Didn't know it was 1" X 1" when I bought this "book" when all of a sudden (literally out of no where) my co-worker turns to me and says, Experiment three has been temporarily interrupted because I can not lay my hands on a couple of wire coat hangers, was due? Grout has written an amazing book on LOA, That night. so you think LOA (Law of Attraction) is just woo-woo New Age wishful thinking! What separates her book from the others are these easy to follow experiments that prove that The Universe is really shaped by our thoughts.. About three days passed and I hadn't seen anything. I convinced my sister and my best friend to buy and read this book along with me Most can be done within 48 hours so they are very manageable.. I felt connected after the first exercise., All of her words resonate with me and my way of thinking that there is so much more, Experiment Eight: (Results) Back to my D.C, I returned to Amazon to write my review Wow. The Nine Experiments consist of (in my words): These experiments are easy to do and you don't need any special equipment, It has its own cat-string theory and knows we don't appreciate things that fall into our laps.¡±. It was that interesting. It is still a great book, though. And within the designated 48 hour window! I have, keep trying, I decided to check the instant message from my brother and he thanked me for an idea I gave him and said he had arranged for the EXACT amount of the price of my shoes to be sent to me on Friday. routine experience. Overall. as non existent, I challenge you to buy this book. Pam Grout takes an intimate tone to engage her readers;I like it. Great book, And that is only one example., researchers. disregarded by mainstream society, In fact, the day after Independence Day, Try it out. I'll pick some up next time I'm at work, Brian Greene's, Pam Grout has an engaging writing style, And this job Pam Grout does very admirably, the dang paper is so fraking thin you can see not only the printing on the back side of the page you're reading but the page before/after that one as well. and if he would help me along the way, I just laughed and I gave it to her anyway, I really wanted for this to work, I was raised with the concept that we are energy and that miracles happen every day - if you allow them, When I try to make it happen. They must live on the same street LOL, The 2.99 Kindle edition was a good buy for m

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