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atters...love. Highly recommend, I've been able to ask very specific questions and get personalized advice, Would like to read more books my author. I really enjoyed reading this book.. and it was hard to stop reading.. I've recommended to friends and colleagues.. . Low and behold. Her latest book. and I am more appreciative., In short. I am a better person for reading this, Mind you. Although I have written a book that explains the power we possess as souls with bodies having a human experience. We should pay very close attention to these.! Not enjoying the whole karma talk right now but maybe it will grow on me I would read and say wow I said that. my day one starts now. Zehra Mahoon has. At the end of the book. This should be prereq reading for any law of attraction material. I don't understand how this book has got such good reviews. I loved it. the author kept repeating the same thing throughout the book--love Nope, The repetition makes it boring and kind of deflects from the point of the law of attraction. I'm on my third highlighter... Those 5 steps to manifestation were truly helpful. She breaks everything down so it's simple to understand. you get even more things coming into your life.. I don't even know what to say about this workbook. I strongly recommend purchasing this book and doing the workout. I Have a good start and will keep reaching for more, This book claims to be on the science of frequency. increase your frequency..." and bla bla bla which means little and does little for someone looking for an actual guide book about what to DO. and that was what I was looking for. Linda West keeps it simple and very interesting. I study frequencies, It really helps start my day off with the conscious and subconscious thoughts and habits that have helped me incorporate positive change in my beliefs. It's not time consuming I love the structure of writing down things to love and appreciate everyday. Well written and invigorating to read. love is all. recognize the frequency within you, I really enjoyed in debt detail of understanding Frequencies!I like the reference and metaphors Linda uses to explain things in detail. It was easy to put into my routine and although I haven't seen big changes. Manifestation of any desire can be brought into fruition with the right frequency and this is exactly what Linda West lays out in this book The Frequency. Linda is spot on in every way so far in this book. Great understanding and in depth representation of the world and its inner workings! Giving me great visuals to understand, I now find myself able to truly think positively. I rated it so The reality expressed in a modern way, Icy outthink it's true or not! That's why I gave it 2 stars instead of one - the exercise could be completely described on a single page. Clear! I was hoping for more information on raising frequency and our vibration. Something to help me anchor my life. I found the ENORMOUS type size to be very distracting A fabulous short listen that brings you back to happiness. The author has done a wonderful job bringing it all together. good for a tune up if you are already knowledgeable about manifesting. From what little I read. It is recognizing these synchronicities that we open the door for more magic into our lives.. Know that it must manifest. Inbetween, body and spirit part. If you are happy. I feel very fortunate to have found Zehra's books to help me apply the teachings of Abraham in my life. Thanks for your kind words. The author takes common sense and the most basic logic and passes it off as something that is revolutionary and "mystical". This book found me and I enjoyed every moment. I gave up on page 5 of this book. I also notice this in reviews how not many individuals actually give a personal or specific evidence oriented story of how the information was used with results. If no previous study on similar topics! We often feel like somthing isn't quite right in our lives but we don't know what or how to fix it. It seems to be an Audible problem. Ioved it Typical law of attraction stuff you can find anywhere. I'm living my dreams now. as it is the same information as most other Law of Attraction books. Linda West thoroughly explains that rediscovering LOVE is the most powerful frequency we must exist in and as the most important mission for this life journey. mind. The book manifestica love my Elizabeth Daneils is the best book on attracting romantic love ever written using the law of attraction.. this IS the book you will want to read now. this book is for you. Great book! I also changed my understanding of fear. but it wasn't me and I had all those emotions bottled up. Thanks Linda! Love is the answer, Once you identify it ask and don't second guess yourself and it "will" come into the physical realm. If this book resonates with you please get it Great read. spirit and the importance of loving yourself and others. Won't forget the lessons in this book-a keeper for re reading at any point during this life! Linda thank you so much for the work you do. great job!I sh

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