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the knowledge that it was to be mine one day - to winning a 1,000 scratch off ticket. I know many of you really don't have money to keep purchasing these books! This was very good! Melissa, A little repetitive after reading "Manifest Your Millions..." but excellent none the less and I am very happy I read both. Very easy to read and insightful. Waste of timeI have been seeking these steps from dozens of books. This is a very good book, Law of Attraction in action is more like what it is saying but just didn't work for me. I felt that with all that I had why do I need something else! so it's a very small gamble i love the examples he shares as proof this really works and also sharing the importance of removing negativity.. She likes it. I have met the statements of many lottery jackpot winners, which I will re-read soon. Thanks. Definitely gives you tips on how to keep manifesting the things you desire and want. I want the meat not the bone. Lottery Winner Jennifer spoke of giving gratitude to open the channels of abundance, I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the law of attraction, I have read similar books before but this is in line with my goal and so it's very spot on and helpful! These in a "Series" type books don't feel right to me! Negative people project negativity and that's what comes back to them, These books are life changers if you stick to what is written there, I would highly recommend this book not just to win the lottery but to help open you up to draw to you everything you want in your life. an ok read, Worth the read, being included. Very insightful, But, Nothing, Jennifer, I recommend this book to all positive thinkers out there! A lot of fluff not a lot of this and that just you know this is how it is this is what you need to do, not a bad read, Right after I finished I got a scratch off where I won all ten prizes on the card. Describe naturally as interview question and answers, Thank you, workable tips. I've already started using the techniquesi love this book,very encouraging info. I¡¯ve also been in the opposite direction living in fear of not having enough but I broke that cycle down with self talk. Expecting to receive the BIG one any day now. thank you very much. I loved everything about this book and would recommend it to family memebers and friends. Nothing new. It is a good idea to record your progress in a manifestation journal; you can write your affirmations here. and not the projection of the result already fulfilled I do believe we co-create in this life. 80 thin pages that are an awesome gift, I now understand many things I didn't before, Keep your manifestation work a secret, which will have a negative effect on your work., Thank you very much I read a few books and listened to a few audio books on the subject but I got no results. This was not what I thought is was Very helpful. I like that he uses real people's stories and if need be you can search their claimsI gave this book five (5) stars because it spoke to something I new about! I will be putting it all to practice! and EXPECT to be a LOTTERY GRAND PRIZE WINNER SOON. The that whole day I began to think positive and imagine money attracting to me. boom! this book gives a road map to reach your goals. and believe in the Law of Attraction. visualizations etc...both books are well worth the small amount that the eBooks cost and the rewards can be huge and long-term too, Keep practice, This short book offers real stories of how these techniques have worked, I haven't won anything yet. why hasn't the author won the lottery hundreds of times (instead of writing sooooo many of these books). deposit had been made to my account. Not just for the lottery Great book and straight to the pointThis book was easy to read and simple to start implementing into my daily routine. It is so inspiring.. Some books about the LOA i do find a bit boring. Well done Mr. I can attest that having a feeling of good vibes tends to favor the odds for you. He spoke to me and his words resonated with meAnother great book by Eddie Coronado. Easy read. I will be working hard on my own to accomplish this goal as it has been a dream I have always had to have no money worries for myself and my family. that LAO works for everyone as long as you are serious and consistent about it. when seeing stories from people who had results inspires me and give me motivation.. This book removes the veil of mystery and mythology associated with winning the lottery.! Learn it and achieve your goals! I've read it twice. Finally the fact that Neville Goddard's book came highly recommended by the author was the clincher that given the low cost it's well worth buying and reading. Fast & easy read. I have read many Law of Attraction books and all of them have taught me so much. I chose this 5 star rating because this book helped me understand the Law of Attration and how to apply the techniques to change my life. I would say for all of you that purchase this great Again I say! I do not recommend it to anyone; Gail Howard goes into this lottery field in better and clear fashion.. no fairy tale stories. Do not buy this book. Very easy reading., Loved this. and will as a result of my SUCCESS have a great CASE STUDY to share. It is a real life experience. What i love about the book is that it's not so much about winning the lottery This book is a God sent. I would have appreciated a list of short. Though his suggestions sounded great refusing to call it a blessing didn't sit right with me. Whatever you want to bring into your life. I go back to this eBook often, makes you have hope of winning and winning big. Interesting book

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