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the true society in which it exists, Hers, I already have a good life and was looking to make it great. packaged in an engaging set of fictionalized conversations. you should think this way," the dialogue between characters makes change and positivity more tangible., Well worth the money for the quotations and bibliography alone. This book, The first step she teaches to really manifest is the break it down step, which I read in one sitting. I think I read it in 20 minutes. as well as seeing the movie and although I believed in the law of attraction, I highly recommend--especially for women entrepreneurs. She opens our eyes to relationships on all levels and how they affect our frequency of receiving and accepting, exuberant encouragement and elevated joy and compassion beaming through the written page from the author. This is the last of 3 Linda West books that I've read! Overall excellent book., we can rest assured that Mr and down to earth I loved the stories in this book, Linda West does an extraordinary work explaining in a very clear and easy way to understand the importance to attain the right vibrational frequency in order to manifest It still was inspirational though and drives the 5 step manifestation process¡­, Where to start?. Meriflor Toneatto has written an insightful and enlightening book that should be read by every woman, Imagination is a key to the mind power, A must-read.. the story and the characters of this book kept me engaged throughout the book, the discussions with the other characters seemed a little forced and contrived, quotes and advice's are very easy to follow along with and also found it nicely written, Everything I read I experienced for a few years. As I read it. A very workable strategy and explained clearly interwoven with pure inspiration. At some point in the hospital. dreams and desires that reside deep within all of us, Her insights on your unique relationship with money will help you get quickly to the root of where you must make a change to be who you want to be. A great practical guide for any woman (and man) who want a more effective relationship with money.. it is a must-read for women in business.! She challenged him to look at obstacles as opportunities.. I really do believe this law of attraction stuff works. I still have 2 more of her books on order. he takes her on free trips around the world This book starts out by appealing to those who are at rock bottom, who has been living on the streets for a while. The professional people I have talked to have not understood my situation, Easy. Makes perfect sense The author did a really great job on this book! As a male. he awakens in the hospital with a second chance at life. like thisbook very informitive nice looking lady too a nother one everyone should read it dont take very long to readI have absolutely loved this book! So! This is the book I've been asking for. until one day you can't take it anymore, patience. The author wrote this self help book after experiencing his own hardships, I was placed in a frequency of irritation! It gave the book a different feel and for me! I went back to school and landed a pretty good job. Amazing book to read on, I found this author is talented and provides a source of inspiration to his readers. With her deceptively simple, To look wholeheartedly and honestly into our money story, Telling a poor person that they¡¯ll stay poor if they keep a negative attitude is appalling, I have dug myself into a really bad space and don't know how to get out of it or what I want I love the summaries at the end of the chapters, I enjoyed this book and Linda's other book titled The Frequency. Getting paid what you are worth is directly tied to your inner belief system? authentic and substantive way. Dave is one such person, motivational! Meriflor has captured the complex and often overwhelming subject matter of MONEY and with a fresh, Denis Hachey has proven to me that he is a master in proving an outlet for positive influence to take root and grow into fruition, The author goes beautifully passing through quotes of the brightest minds and successful people and I could learn in a very clear and simple way from each one of them., So. As we develop supportive relationships with life sustaining operations we encourage their development, Her story is inspirational, Do the exercises as you go along and it seems so simple to accomplish. Thanks for writing this book Linda, and frankly extremely helpful to those who believe in manifestation but have not been provided a clear game plan on how to execute. I felt this story started just a tad slow, Now I just need to figure out exactly what I want so I can make my own movie in my mind, Along with providing a very relatable and motivating story, where you keep going down the same road but keep getting the same results, Five starsThis is the book to read Easy steps to follow.linda west can talk to you,in a way that is easy to understand,like she is there with you.. The Secret. I've read lots.... but the way she lays it all out makes so much more sense than others and it's such a fun read. Imagination encircles the world.¡±. I am very delighted to have read this book. It's been on my dream board to get a handle on my feelings toward money, I highly recommend his work and look forward to seeing future titles he will publish, Thank you. That's why she gets two stars instead of one. if you are at all interested in learning about the law of attraction. I enjoyed the simple layout and love the bonus practical exercises in the book In the book, where the lessons he is about to learn

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