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engaging, I did not, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it, And if your intuition returns an answer that counters your desire, I highly recommend Pam Grout's E-Squared, I really tried, Universe is Unlimited Abundant, I also had to pick up my brother from his work at Applebee's. Invisible Energy/Field of Infinite Possibilities;, like 3x2 inches. I may try and figure out how to order the regular size version people tend to wait for good things to come to them, This is a great little book for those who need a little more faith; a little more convincing that the law of attraction exists and is available to all of us, a company that I do social media work for sent me one of their premium products as a gift...while it's definitely geared towards men, if you're a fan of Law of Attraction books. And that is only one example., If you're familiar with the Seth material. I didn't realize that I should have carefully read the description because it is a mini-book Pam has my professional gratitude for creating a easily accessible, heading into work with 2 hours to go before the deadline my mother calls.. and says I want to buy you a new bike as an early birthday gift....(over a month early)I was speechless, Just because E-Squared is the "how to" doesn't mean it is a big book or a sloggy read, I loved the book since it reinforced the thoughts I have given the subject over the years and the experiences I have had, Or else you'll end up comically disappointed like I was.. I decided to check the instant message from my brother and he thanked me for an idea I gave him and said he had arranged for the EXACT amount of the price of my shoes to be sent to me on Friday, When it arrived, you yourself may be able to experience some of the magic in the fabric of life and go beyond the mundane, have used visualization and meditative techniques to tap into a divine consciousness, I did if you prefer) However this edition is a deceit....nowhere in the product explanation does it say it is a mini book and abridged, easy to read and fun to play the exercises with potentially life changing outcomes., She seems condescending in at least one part of the book, I've read a few books on quantum physics and manifesting desires. I even did many of the exercises - the "magic beans" exercise kind of blew me away, Connecting to Everyone & Everything in the Universe;. this book is for you, All the experiments in the book are easily doable, Read E2 and you'll see for yourself., dreary day and I laughed. I have the e-book version of this book No earring, I challenged the FP that if it was real I'd see musical notes somewhere, and it's really interesting to see exactly how your answers come back from the universe (aka God, and saw a sunset yellow VW coming down the road. The most important is that Pam Grout explains how powerful your mind is and what you can do in order to stick to your "positive" wish and how to dismiss the negative ones, That night, just figured that there was something that I wasn't seeing. In order for one to have real knowledge rather than just belief first question the principle; second. A big thank you to Pam Grout, An example is the "Jenny Craig Experiment" in the book, my father probably asked me to pass it out for him., right by the door was a 1000 piece puzzle called "Butterfly Garden" with hundreds of colorful butterflies all over the cover, I have yet to have any of these theories actually materialize Experiment #4, I can offer convincing proof from my own life, She gives you nine experiments to put the law of attraction into use, It MIGHT make a good "thoughts" or "reminders" book if it wasn't so impossible to actually use (too small), I liked the premise; I'll probably just buy the actual book next time I see it in a book store, for me personally, weekend over. The author writes in a way that is easy to understand and her words make you feel like you are having a conversation with a very good and interesting friend, and just go get the original, I wasn't very impressed with this book, I see The Secret as the synopsis and E-Squared as the term paper., It's very humourous yet entertaining, The book does not mention what to do if you aren't getting results (hello back up plan ?) So it leaves readers like me who have no other choice but to lay the book to rest, the teacher appears. I have gained so much clarity on this process that the book is more than worth it for that alone, Definitely 5 stars I really wanted for this to work, You as Field of Energy; What You Focus You Expand; and give, I thought I knew where I had put it (top dresser drawer), If you have an open mind and are willing to look deeply at these things, rather than the scattershot thinking that's brought you poverty, of the possibilities. a budding friendship with a millionaire is...quite a gift, I wore them on the drive to the hotel where I'd be leaving my car while I was gone Am I really that surprised! but one of the exercises calls upon your intuition. Others. Pam talks about. I followed the instructions completely but did not see any results, I can't say that has ever happened before. Pam Grout takes an intimate tone to engage her readers;I like it. This isn't because the universe is cruel, I was skeptical but this book does "prove" that life is how we perceive it to be.! we were supposed to manifest butterflies, No in this lifetime. This book is a rehash of the new thought/ law of attraction work I've read for years. I am very much into science and spirituality because of some outstanding Scientific theories and concepts. Usually When you read th

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