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as well as anyone new to this kind of thing.. I stumbled across Eddie Coronado's books whilst looking at law of attraction clips on you tube, Great read. There's abundance waiting for you, So. I have a question:. A lot of fluff not a lot of this and that just you know this is how it is this is what you need to do, I have won many many smaller prizes by manifesting.... I know the big one is coming soon. I recommend this book to everyone who wishes to succeed in life. The book is easy to read. I also enjoyed the real life examples provided, but most you simply glean. a fun book.great service thank youI'm using tips from this book and it's working. Very practical advice. Too complicated, I can't wait to get started with the practical recommendations in this book, it's a eye opener,can't wait to read the next book, I would encourage many to continue to check out his youtube channel online as he has many videos. Superb quality voice. you're kidding yourself. I had heard of the law of attraction before and I'm still not convinced, I like it. Simple easy and clear cut answers step by step instructions tell you precisely what to do and how often. another author has drawn my attention to the fact that written affirmations can be even more effective. I enjoyed reading how others achieved there goals with step by step information. Good book very inspiring. However. It is important to feel the excitement of a big win and hear the congratulatory words., etc. out of the simplest and most humble things great ideas can arise. I¡¯m off to a great start. but this one it is easy to follow, Thank you for your efforts in writing this Eddie. I do not recommend it to anyone; Gail Howard goes into this lottery field in better and clear fashion.. Describe naturally as interview question and answers. Loved this book. this one offers the most compelling teachings with examples on the power of LOA accessible to us all. Great...just by reading all the stories in the book I got greater confidence that LAO really works!!!! Must read for those seeking to improve their lives in all areas. I'm so glad I found this book on Amazon! The personal examples were fine! Read this and get re-charged, What does that leave out. you'll eventually win, very insightful and inspiring, Well done Mr! and I've been going through thoughts of discouragement. The author offers very concrete steps to manifesting your desires which is my favorite thing about this book. I got much more out of that book which is so 'right on target' and I have recommended and purchased for friends. After reading this book I know I am winning a multi-million dollar lottery within the next day or two !When you visualize daily and are always positive and expectant! This book made me have curious to use Law of Attraction to achieve my abundance life Wonderful book educating on the power of universal law! never obsess over what you want, and you're really hoping and praying for the book that will be the answer to you prayers. I really enjoyed the book, As far as the rest of the book, This book is a very good primer for those committed to manifesting their dreams. type in "millionaire continues to clean up after lottery win.", in short this book gave me encouragement and a big boost -- and that, I recommend it to anyone interested in winning the lottery. I'm taking off 1 star as I would have enjoyed reading a few more true life examples of lottery winners. got straight to the point without beating around like some of these other LOA books do. I liked the other book recommendations the author has to expand on the subject. The important elements of the manifestation work are as follows:, your whole attitude will project happiness and joy. Law of Attraction in action is more like what it is saying but just didn't work for me! I would add that yes. I am grateful to this author Eddie Coronado, I am very motivated, Eddie¡¯s book ¡°re-energized¡± my sagging spirits regarding the awesome power of the law of attraction, this book is a big obstacle in the way of manifesting what you want. Great insight and full of fantastic ideas!!!! Yay. I would suggest you do your research because these winners do believe but not word for word believe the same thing, It has helped me in my journey with winning the lottery and I've already won in my mind so it's only a matter of time before I win in a physical manifestation. That is the fast track. I can and will accomplish all f my dreams using these techniques! I always knew I would win. Thanks Eddie. I did enjoy Eddie's first book more as it's very in-depth and I continue to re-read parts of it. Worth getting the book. or series of wealth building info that is basically the same stuff rehashed.. and so simple that most people won't get it. When he learnt to monitor all his thoughts and feelings closely It is a good idea to record your progress in a manifestation journal; you can write your affirmations here, LOA Rocks, Inspirational based on the fact so many winners have used the same techniques he's discussing., This was very good, Has not been very helpful as of yet ,Straight to the point. Keep your manifestation work a secret! I have met the statements of many lottery jackpot winners, On the other hand, Use wisely! The lottery stories were inspiring and added more motivation into my journey with LOA, Great bookVery good book! The reader may listen to advices given in the book!!! The rest of the time have gratitude for everything and keep an open mind to things that come to you, I made a research on them after I read the book and those people are indeed real and they indeed assume their success came from the proper use of t

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