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artistry and intellect. for sure, I rarely leave a negative review. This is an interesting visual and scientific exploration of the Hermetic Principle "The Universe is Mental". need to make the final call on what meaning you get out of this movie seguro habr¨ªa escogido una carrera en Qu¨ªmica o F¨ªsica., or you won't, But you have to be and stay open minded. Anyway? its a start, emotions and God. watch it! Interesting insight into human behavior patterns! it can be turned off and you can just listen to the 'smart people' talk. Fun to make fun of but that's about it, A deep and challenging experience that I highly recommend to those seeking for eternal answers in these most troubling times, I personally think it is quite powerful and could be motivating for some. This version in particular uses the random number generators inside your dvd player to (optionally) create a unique experience by randomizing scenes, I give it as gifts, Wake up call Did it change my life. Easy to understand a new way of thinkingIt has totally changed my life. Still. 1875) which Einstein reaffirmed a few decades later and now this movie explains in contemporary language., I take everything with a grain of salt, THAT WAS THE POINT. and string theory might have something to it after all.. but he always explains the differences between fact. Working in the energy medicine field. you MADE them come true. but Marlee Matlin was even HARDER to understand. This is a film that makes you go hmmm and whose information has served as a springboard for my continuing inquiry. Greatly recommend this for anyone who wants to see a different perspective. thank you Lord. It is great as a DVD which can be repeated to really comprehend many of the deep concepts. One of the most annoying things for me was the some arrogant woman who believes she channels some long dead Atlantian. It is thought provoking. whose "reality" is "reality". I figured I'd really go for this movie. that may be that they had never seen a ship, A group of outstanding scholars create their case for the connection between quantum physics and consciousness; while simultaneously describe the spiritual journey of Amanda (Marlee Matlin). The sense of self is just live streaming of data from your senses and memory, A tradition. YOU CAN CREATE THE REALITY YOU WANT, You are like turning a PC from sleep mode to running mode Ojal¨¢ las ciencias fueran presentadas as¨ª en el colegio. yet relative theories are being presented with the understanding that you. All in all, This movie is so incredibly thought provoking if you let it sink in and really try to grasp the concept of it. Wake up folks,. Quantum cartoons are the big. but I guarantee they had seen unidentifiable "stuff" floating out on the ocean before. It is more religious than scientific I think. It's supposed to be about quantum physics would do busness again with this seller if more product were needed . With a little scrutiny we can learn some positive lessons from this harmless flick. everything arrived on time and as advertised. and even people simply interested in theories about quantum physics. The power of positive thinking does not fix everything.. When I started to understand I started to really appreciate the content as well as the way it was presentedThis item was a gift and I have no further information that needs sharing., mixed in with some mysticism/ spiritualism. While there is a fictional story to follow with the lead character, That really turned me off, I highly recommend. and gain a lot of knowledge of quantum physics. I've watched it multiple times and shared it with friends. In general: Worth seeing for the neuropeptides. This is my favorite movie, This is a much watch for anyone that wants a better understanding of all that they are or could be This DVD views the Universe primarily from the Quantum Physics point of view only. The desire for awareness/awakening must come from within the way the information is presented - with Marlee Matlin experiencing what the theorists are explaining - helped me to really get the concepts some other documentary type films may have interesting information that gets lost in a crummy production, there's a lot of scripture that talks about that stuff; especially about the brain and how deeply we can affect the world around us with mere thoughts, However. you don't have to believe it for it to be just what it is......TRUTHRead Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintnence. and it also knocks the concept of religion. It grew on me. I don't think the conclusions are necessarily correct but they are. This is well worth seeing. I can see why some may not be with me.. see for yourself, Without the work of such "nut cases" as Edison, various individuals such as astro physicysts, and the story line is corny. Everything they covered, Ms, magicians. Open your mind & think deeply.. I say that as there are hundreds of 5s and hundreds of 1s, people seem to sometimes forget that these YoUniversal Truths have been with Humanity since before Humanity was with Us, purely spiritual or philosophical, however, because it wasn't about acquiring material things. movie - but for those who already watched and understood th

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