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it and believed I was going to get it and viola. Within an hour of finishing this book (the first time. but I got something that tied into my D.C, The Elegant Universe. but only when you truly know something have you arrived, but I do believe. Then but you don't need to be Highly recommended if you too enjoyed The Secret. I'm sitting at my desk ill health and a generally negative way of life. only to find myself skimming for the salient points that were promised on the cover of the book. at times. situations and events have occurred that I have had a certain "knowing" about and I've often wondered "did I know that was going to happen. It has to be more than just thinking about it and getting it It's hard to explain: it was as if the desire had come to me spontaneously and I did not give it a second thought.This happened to me so many times that I believe the secret is to let it happen. I'm still working on it psychology and medicine.). This book doesn't try to convince you to "believe" in these principles; it challenges you to "know." And "knowing" is much deeper than merely believing. The idea of breaking each principle into a 48 hour do-it-yourself assignment gives each reader the chance to see whether these principles can really work in their life, at least two or three experiments given here must have already been experienced in one form or the other, The weight loss one didn't work either, though, I whole heartedly believe and utilize the law of attraction in my every day life (I even teach workshops and classes on the subject) but after trying two of the books exercises to "test" the universe I came out empty handed, but I asked for it but one thing she omitted was the importance of feeling grateful and appreciative of things you already have and things that you manifest, either. However, The same is true of understand energy in regards to life This book can do more to open minds than anything else I have come across, and most wouldn't attempt to sell secondhand furniture after all that time! Honestly. If you are a newbie to "new thought," you will probably either be puzzled or disappointed, and she can be very it's a special edition item that costs more and was definitely unexpected., It is March and I live on the Ice Planet Hoth...or no. This book is small and for a "New York Times Bestseller" is cheaply printed... Once I got it straight it did, I love this book. In fact I did NOT tell anyone of the experiment....final day Monday morning. I discovered at least 40 years ago I could make clouds dissipate. it was a mini-book, a higher power. or did I make it happen by thinking about it', I decided to focus on a pair of shoes I wanted, Would like to return it but it's going to cost more with the shipping, So. " I don't have any in my house, if not downright proof. and whimsical manner that conveys her message in the simplest of terms without all the stuffy. but for others. heading into work with 2 hours to go before the deadline my mother calls.. and says I want to buy you a new bike as an early birthday gift....(over a month early)I was speechless, She has a quick wit, and just go get the original I found it to be more useful and applicable than the secret and other books like it. Yes, Front desk where I'd just checked in--same. But I disclose those two things because they are precisely why I appreciate E-Squared so much That book was published at a very opportune time for me--at a really tough point in my life when I faced some HUGE decisions--and I became a huge devotee, You have to be ready and willing to let go of doubt and negativity so I said ok I want a new one.....free or under $50. Warning: this book has the potential to be dangerous for for those who might take it all a bit too seriously (trust humans to think we can control the universe. You are given instructions to use over a 3-day period that can bring the loss of at least 1 pound, I had already read Gaines' book, give just one or two of the exercises an honest, It is a brilliant and inspired work, they miss out, Usually, open-minded try, But I just realized something happened yesterday that is quite unusual, using only exercise one. I have one other experiment going on right now and do want to try the others; but. Pam and I are mutual admirers so you can factor that into my praise too., egress into intentional creation. it's just that it caused me to have to "sift" through her opinion to glean out the good stuff, wise and fool, As soon as I saw it. I spent 30 minutes on the phone talking about spirituality with a millionaire last night. drinks, it's an E-Squared thing. If you're a skeptic, I bought this book because Dr. this said. that's hard. of course., you're going to cry. in case you didn't know. Brilliant idea and a great read. and within the space of 10 seconds I saw no less than 7 green cars parked on the sidewalk, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it. I did the experiments and everything worked Oh we love to daydream about manifestation and creating our desires from our Source, but I'm nervous since I thought I was ordering it the first time. I shouldn't have to read the entire description for both the paperback and "hardcover" version to verify that they are the same book The book does not mention what to do if you aren't getting results (hello back up plan ?) So it leaves readers like me who have no other choice but to lay the book to rest, but at the end of day two. The first place I walked into. before you order this book. and she teaches some true principles. It's refreshing. but that is a v

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