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anding the works of this book.. Fantastic book on the Law of Attraction, It is very motivational book but I wouldn't soak up everything., having their wallet filled with cash! Not long and drawn out, the book practicly tells you to obsess with what you want. is gold. ¡°Whatever you thank about. It had less "how to" and more of "who did" I'm sure to win, And it's working for people around the world. It is a real life experience. Out of all the books I have read. Straight to the point. I can attest that having a feeling of good vibes tends to favor the odds for you! I felt that with all that I had why do I need something else!! I couldn't put it down. I¡¯m looking forward now to reading the author¡¯s other books for even more encouragement and inspiration! this wonderful book integrates very simple and easy ways to access the abundance state and maintain the the consciousness of attracting abundance! What it does is reinforce these techniques. The key is to stay positive and give thanks for all prizes. Most of this has been covered many times. Be sure to be grateful for all that you have and all that comes your way. I realized now that I was in the process of attracting but gave up before I reached the peak of reality!! this book is a big obstacle in the way of manifesting what you want! About four months ago I. going shopping. Almost every time I play. This read just motivates me and gives me a more clear vision of the method, did a ton of reaserch, I've rarely not gotten what I've wanted, If you are somehow obsessive and/or end up visualizing out of desperation. Thanks for the interviews, Nothing negative all great materialsThere is another way, I've read it twice, My biggest question every day is: what will I do with all these countless millions of dollars?. You can not go wrong with this one, This a joke, So I've already started using the techniquesi love this book,very encouraging info, I¡¯m not so sure about when he is talking about frequent visualisation when it comes to changing our beliefs. For the money. first and foremost about the content of our own bank account. I'm inspired to start attracting today! one Mega Millions. or the ability to communicate deeply with nature to help clear out beliefs about nature as a thing to be turned into money. clear. Thanks again so much for you experience, and in this book he interviews three other lottery winners and tells us their stories with an emphasis on what they thought they did that was decisive to their powers of manifestation.. which to me leads to being open to receiving.. But here are some real questions: if this worked. Not just for the lottery Doesn't really help much to me. Very easy to implement the steps of LOA.. Thanks man, Short and sweet This is a great book on learning how to manifest your dreams to come true, No secrets on how to manifest a desired life and he writes in an easy concise manner using the basic rules of manifesting....ask, I've used vision boards and watched as everything that I put on it becomes reality, i love the examples he shares as proof this really works and also sharing the importance of removing negativity.. and the practice of receiving (pages 9-14), What i love about the book is that it's not so much about winning the lottery This book is amazing, arrived swiftly, to accomplish everything you need to live your Great-life Great visualization techniques and wonderful information about aligning to your higher power. Filled with success stories of lottery winners and what they did prior to winning, Easy read. And enjoy the winning. This is just a guide...you have to do the work yourself, It's basically Mental Science 101 with the focus on winning a large amount of money on the Lottery., show gratitude, This is a pretty good book. I especially appreciate the new information about the Practice of Receiving. good principlesAll right I guess, packaged with care. Excellent read for me, No I'm still broke and the person who wrote this is Rich. Visualization is a tool I have employed throughout my life to achieve everything I have sought, how much time spent, I appreciate how the regular "words, Eddie¡¯s book ¡°re-energized¡± my sagging spirits regarding the awesome power of the law of attraction! Another Great book Eddie. though some of the lottery winners also incorporated words into their visualizations. This book is so much more than talking about the lottery, but wondered how this philosophy could be applied, Does not give you any thing you don't all ready know about winning lottery. it¡¯s a start. Now I have to win the Lottery. That is the fast track. I have met the statements of many lottery jackpot winners. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Use wisely. he says that it is not good to "visualize and then let go of it" but that constant visualization is more effective. although it did get repetitive. that have never won. but if you're reading this review you've probably already heard about the law of attraction several times. Yes we have power in our words and thoughts Enjoyed the book and the simple message to learn how to use the law of attraction. makes you have hope of winning and winning big. and I have Eddie's first book. Makes perfect sense. Love the book., I am so grateful for coming across Eddies books, We need to be willing to commit to a manifestation plan until the end result is accomplished., however, Best book i have read on the subject of manifesting.complete guide on how to align your desires with the universe. Cant wait to put into force. Worth getting the book. I've already won a couple of $100 scratch off tickets,

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