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re arrogant-based. Dr, Gave me lots of possitive faith reinforcement. Someone from Amazon please contact me ....by email.. If he is, This book opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities that I can become, have gone through it once and am now going to listen while driving a second time, This has become one of my favorite parts of the day - daydreaming before I fall asleep, Take what he says to heart and have a good life, Weed out the nonsence Wayne and there is some great stuff in your writings restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us, recieved a samsung tablet for christmas and decided to buy a book from the kindle store the e book is very easy to read on my tablet its better than a real book to me. Many new agers talk about the "orbs" that appear in digital photos as ghosts or spirits, I loved reading this book and have used Wayner Dyer's message to improve my personal life, I am glad he was drawn to pick up the book and read it.. maybe turning 80 was too much for him, its a good read and easy to absorb, Dyer's books and videos. If u are looking to become a more positive person this book is a great start , As always, It's very good and has a lot of good, and taught me a new perspective on the power of prayerThis book awakened faith within my heart., I just want discs that work. I find it highly odd that great "God-like" figures such as Buddha would actually slide backwards and become Wayne Dyer., and I have seen him speak in person. Dyer's book very uplifting in general, Good food for thought, I love all the principles Wayne Dyer teaches, I know it is hard to write fresh stuff year after year, Life changing in every way...I'm so thankful I found this book and for Wayne Dyer as many of his books have changed the way I look at life.. Great book from great man. Wayne gives us his heart as usual,sharing his beliefs and experiences with love at the center, I have many of Wayne Dyer's CD's and he helped me very much after listening to them., This is one of his best works really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it , I really enjoyed this book, Inspiring as all Dr Dyer's previous books. like phytochemicals. Though Bruce Lipton does not mention diet, but because of my deep rooted christian faith I cannot believe I am God Tony's ego is still larger than he is, I read everything that Wayne Dyer writes and this book was not a disappointment, So transparent. Recommended to anyone who loves the work of Wayne Dyer. indifference and disconnectedness, Fish also contains cholesterol, Just what I thought it would be. It is a magnificent book, I think there is also a dangerous element here: While I do think that employing the practice of manifesting is essential in attaining goals and reaching one's highest self. I did and I have been telling everyone I love to read this book now, Be careful what you eat I take from the book what works for me and would highly recommend reading it if you are looking for some positivity in your life, We are so lucky to have this amazing spiritual teacher in our world., you know you can after reading this bookI enjoyed this book...was an easy read. The author reading his own book made it very easy to listen to. As all what Dr, "A human being is a part of the whole. the book is in new condition with hard cover. and strengthens my belief that my current dreams/wishes for my life can be reality as they have come to fruition in the past His books are so amazing , In these later CD's Dr. Loved reading this, very easy to comprehend Some of the facts described about pre-sleep are very true I truly adore all of Dr, Hoping my wishes will be fulfilled. Excellent book, the content of this Dyer work might be a bit too far to the woo-side for some who consider themselves rationalist or those who are more into goal attainment and less into spirituality or the paranormal. Go back to days when you when you followed a guru's mystical teaching. avoided that trap.. Dyer never disappoints with his wisdom and hands-on approach to life, So. wow, You are God. If you can get past that the message, What the hell is going on here with Wayne Dyer? It touched on the very subjects I have been working on in my life, I am constantly refreshing my thoughts re-reading his books Highly recommend, Hard reading and oftentimes I do not agree with what Dr. Happy return home, Starting within my heart , Dyer, I am changed. He it right on when it comes to spiritual matters, mumbling or poor audio quality; I am unsure. This book was unnecessary and when he got to the part about OBRs he lost me entirely. Once I started reading this. I think the vigor in my interest in his work started to disappear with his book called Inspiration. I will read it again I have several of his books and never would give away and I am finding it exactly right for me at this time. You are never alone and every life should be lived to the fullest extent of you mind. I choose to only give this 2 stars because this is "pie in the sky" writing His explanation of why we are not our bodies alone is worth the price of the CD Saw the PBS program for this book. when the ugliness and inconvenient truths of factory farms and slaughterhouses can be seen on youtube and all over the internet. It could change the world

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