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seemed a natural thing.. I have had more opportunities of various kinds come my way in the past few months! Very easy to read and insightful! discussion of the techniques was very good, They should be short and uplifting and make us feel expectant when repeating them. Sometimes it depends on the personality. Very well organized. and will as a result of my SUCCESS have a great CASE STUDY to share, Nothing negative all great materialsThere is another way. Filled with success stories of lottery winners and what they did prior to winning! I learned about him on YouTube This book is excellent. Persist in one's dream or goal whether it be wining the lottery or any thing one's heart desires. Very informative and interesting book, and consistent. as well. This book has shown me. If you live in expectation of the good things. I really enjoyed how to author describes the Law of attraction technique, in reading lottery stories both in the States and in EuroMillions, Lots of tips and helpful examples through testimonials from actual winners! nothing spectacular! encouraging and supportive in applying Law of Attraction principles; a quick read, Definitely gives you tips on how to keep manifesting the things you desire and want, but they obviously managed to withstand the naysayers and realize the truth of this law.. in my view, visualize it, I highly recommend. A great read for all of you who believe in the power of positive thinking, Dyer, And the largest amount was about 30k on multiple occasions, do I need to add conversation to the images I see?, Three Feet From Gold ! bringing them abundance in all kinds of areas, this book gives a road map to reach your goals, When the student is ready ... I wanted to get to know you Eddie, This is another great book from Eddie, Get it. i love the confidence in the writers words. receive. It is so inspiring.. Some books about the LOA i do find a bit boring. but I felt more connection with another book called :The Power of the suggestive mind by Dr. Love the book.. I'm extremely lucky. I will love it more when I win the Lotto. I had high hopes or yourself . and if you really believe and apply in your daily life positive thinking and gratitude, first and foremost about the content of our own bank account, I'm now rich beyond my wildest dreams, Different techniques work for different people, Eddie is amazing These can be words we imagine saying to friends and family such as: ¡°I¡¯ve won the lottery. But Eddie has obviously read the masters: Neville. it is concise but precise and extremely helpful for anyone who seeks to learn more about the Law of Attraction.! For the money! Easy to read ....gives thought with suggestions on manifesting and what worked and what didn't for these lottery winners. Set your goal speak your affirmations. However the processes are so clearly explained it is obvious how to apply them for other intentions (Don't like the word goal - it's another name for a jailhouse)! Very helpful. If you've been "studying" LOA or doing anything besides flatout pedal-to-the-floor implementing. Although I was already familiar with Law of attraction it was good to read of other peoples success with it, I would not be the one to judge whether this method works or not, I intended to read more of his., Ill read it again to. Thank youThis is a great book for manifesting any dreams using positive thought and visualization. frequent visualisation could be the reflection of desperation and fear. starting with in the 1970s but none as clear and to the point it¡¯s a start.. Enjoyed reading this book. and he won wonderful lottery prizes. Interesting but not provocative. I am beginning to apply what I have learned. I would have appreciated a list of short. because sometime in June or maybe July I said to myself that it would be nice to have $2,000 by the time the kids go back to school (for supplies. Try it. gave great ideas. really enjoyed the booklet! I wish I purchased this book first because it had a lot of verbiage from the first book and interviews with lottery winners and detailed description on how they manifested their lottery winning! If person is to desperate and feel lack of something for not having it for long long time. I will update this review WHEN I win the lottery.. I so glad i bought this bookLove this oneConcrete exercises needed to get you in a place of receiving. when I was a student. Best book i have read on the subject of manifesting.complete guide on how to align your desires with the universe. Try first to change your feeling about the object of your actualization as well! The title is How to Win the Lottery. Remember. Thank you for this book and to lottery winners for showing us how they did it with law of attraction. I have not come across a book with such detail on the steps taken to manifest, at times. I like that he uses real people's stories and if need be you can search their claimsI gave this book five (5) stars because it spoke to something I new about. makes you have hope of winning and winning big. ( I know many are thinking Money stupid) Loved this. I have done law of attraction off and on over 5 years. The concept is clear. Well done. you have to believe it before you can receive it., Keep practice. His style is direct! Inspirational read about with solid ideas on the spiritual work required to help attract anything you desire! you'd be much better off getting two sessions per day! It is written in simple language, BEFORE we RECEIVE. Being diligent Though his suggestions sounded great refusing to call it a blessing didn't sit right with me Recommended Thank you Eddie Coronado to share that

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