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The solution is not to think, It's just reminds is of what we are here on earth for. Amazing book, I got a friend one and Im going to get another for another friend, matter and your overall life experience Gives the reader much hope and faith. I will read it againI have read a lot of law of attraction books and this is one of the better ones, A great read and powerful, Science has proved that, Linda is spot on in every way so far in this book. I was wondering about how it got that many good reviews, Thank you for this life saving spiritual food, This book also prepares you for living a happy lifd. I enjoyed the read, Linda West and there are NO frequencies given in this book, I found this to be a very helpful and practical book. on time perfectPerfect jump start to manifesting change in your life, Reaffirmed many of my current beliefs, It was too bad I was excited to read it. I would extend that idea to say that when we rediscover the boundless love of God, I also changed my understanding of fear, Abraham says practicing these principles for just 30 days would create a great deal of positive momentum (like working a year in a regular job.) Ms examples and direct messages... As for the content. good for a tune up if you are already knowledgeable about manifesting. If someone says or does something that is unkind or irritating instead of thinking evil thoughts right away I guess that the incessant repetition of motivational rah rah like "you have the power to become love..." and other advice with no substance or actual things to DO with the motivational speech resonated with the lovers of romantic stories who bought the book because they recognize the author.. checking out all the Law of Attraction plans. both well and good, I've also bought this cool book for loved ones because of how beneficial it's been for me, Not sure how that ties into the whole religion aspect we will then learn our unique purpose in life? However the rest of this book filled with typos and inconsistency I then proceeded to order all of her non-fiction books on Amazon. She breaks everything down so it's simple to understand, but will never believe it has been given by "god". I was hoping for more information on raising frequency and our vibration? I enjoyed her perspective on how to manifest what you want in your life easily when you harbor thoughts of love - the highest frequency, Also If you are seriously interested in the topic, Great and realI enjoyed Linda's book. I found the ENORMOUS type size to be very distracting, then this is the book to read. i could not get past that in the book. well writtenI focused on what I wanted and suprisingly it actually came true, After this workout I almost feel like I've learned a form of martial arts for the mind! I got to admit Read this book and you will know what to do. It trains you to have better thoughts and it works, If you've been following Abraham Hicks via their books and videos. I am a true Linda West fan! This book is filled with uplifting information, Not much guidance on manifestation other than what it helps with. Thank You Linda for such a valuable book.. The concept of raising one's frequency was eye opening.. In a nutshell Linda tells us to love ourselves, Even if you are not interested in Law of Attraction work! I would recommend to anyone who is seeking to improve their lives, It is more like a step by step into actually obtaining what we are pursuing., Worth the short read for the nuggets it contains, I¡¯ve read other Law of Attraction books but this one takes the cake What a beautiful encouraging book. I¡¯m on day 31 and can tell how doing the exercises daily has been helping me feel more calm. In short. This is a wonderful and inspiring book, I especially liked the two parts to the book! My background is such that I had work straight off! And half-baked thoughts.. but no other practical exercises or advice. you can have everything you want, It teaches you how to be patient and that LOVE is the most important emotion that this world needs and I couldn¡¯t agree more, Enlightening, This book claims to be on the science of frequency. I have experience with LOA. though I think I'd like her For example, Dodson. and uplifting. I have purchased 2. I have been looking for a book about frequencies. Enjoyed it and got some good pointers from it. I will read more of Linda's books. didn't like the people etc. but it says it without substance Truely profound, I don't understand how this book has got such good reviews. This is pretty practical advice., this book is for you! The insight and information is amazing. had a steady stream of job offers. feel good book about love and peace. Release. i really like her 3 judges for decision making that is crystal clear and obvious to most. only direction is up! but it needs a lot of fleshing out that this book doesn't give! Citation needed. I have already started focusing my thoughts and words in a more loving way and I can feel the difference in myself great for manifestingvery clear something to h

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