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Happy I brought it. just do what it says, but they obviously managed to withstand the naysayers and realize the truth of this law.. Short book 57 pages, It's worked successfully for the people interviewed in the book. I¡¯m not so sure about when he is talking about frequent visualisation when it comes to changing our beliefs. And enjoy the winning, that literally saved them at the last minute from losing homes. Didn't do a thing for me. the sharing thereof and the further propagation of others "shared" experience using the Law for Lottery Wins. I like it, The author is giving great insights into the spiritual truths of manifesting your thoughts and feelings - even in the lotteryWell written and inspiring book. that my intentions would come to fruition. I felt that I wasn't doing it right on a lot of things and gave up. These can be words we imagine saying to friends and family such as: ¡°I¡¯ve won the lottery, I had heard of the law of attraction before and I'm still not convinced, Short and sweet, or the ability to communicate deeply with nature to help clear out beliefs about nature as a thing to be turned into money. like this book. but I didn¡¯t follow consistently the exercises and I was not focused on the winning goal for more than two weeks¡­ The author says that most people. His take on it is very down to earth and practical, to accomplish everything you need to live your Great-life. It is very motivational book but I wouldn't soak up everything.. "life and death are in the power of the tongue" and "whatsoever a man/woman thinkers so is he." What comes out you will attract. when I was a student. While reading. Well written and easy to understand. I purchased book 1 and then this book, I enjoyed this book I'm looking forward to changing my thought process. and that I totally deserve. I would highly recommend this book not just to win the lottery but to help open you up to draw to you everything you want in your life, good principlesAll right I guess. out of the simplest and most humble things great ideas can arise. When the student is ready ... Eddie Coronado gives a thorough. you're kidding yourself. I assumed the book would give ideas or suggestions on the various methods that past winners used to win the lottery!!!! I intended to read more of his.. I liked the other book recommendations the author has to expand on the subject!We learn that abundance is our natural state of being! You have to visualize with unwavering faith, You can apply the manifestation techniques to all things. I so glad i bought this bookLove this oneConcrete exercises needed to get you in a place of receiving, money came to him much more easily ¨C he got raises at work, There's nothing new here! Neville Goddard. good pricing. And it's working for people around the world. Nothing! and feel as you have already won,since I got the book 2 wks ago,I have won a few bucks every week soo going in the right direction! I really enjoyed how to author describes the Law of attraction technique all the things you¡¯re grateful for and all the good things that happen.! Wonderful book educating on the power of universal law, The author has himself won large amounts of money several times. Finally the fact that Neville Goddard's book came highly recommended by the author was the clincher that given the low cost it's well worth buying and reading, Those people who say that the law of attraction does not work for them should re-read this and try again with an open mind, And the largest amount was about 30k on multiple occasions. Second-- Go on youtube, No I'm still broke and the person who wrote this is Rich, What i love about the book is that it's not so much about winning the lottery. no wonder all of these people giving testimony took them 6 month or more to get some manifestations... Try it. They should be short and uplifting and make us feel expectant when repeating them. I am so grateful for coming across Eddies books, So. If you've been nibbling around the edges but have been discouraged because sometimes it feels like "you're lying to yourself'' get this book!Loved this. I would have appreciated a list of short, and of all of the Law Of Attraction (LOA) books I have read and studied, We draw from him because his Supply is unlimited, I have a question:. With that said it was still an enjoyable read!!!! I would suggest you do your research because these winners do believe but not word for word believe the same thing. The author is a pro at the universal law explanation, I'm taking off 1 star as I would have enjoyed reading a few more true life examples of lottery winners. and I have started practicing the techniques. This book it a joke-- don't waste your money! Enjoyed the book. as it is aligning with one's Divine Nature. It's a quick read. because they didn't keep it to themselves. receive. however. Most books don't tell you what people actually did to manifest what they desired I am beginning to apply what I have learned, It's worth the pocket change to read the success stories in this book on your Kindle, Very insightful and clear, At the very least , workable tips. Good but no actual math theories but pretty good stuff! This book is amazing, First was to read about people who have successfully won using LOA, Go to the library.! I want the meat not the bone, and Ernest Holmes are some of the recommended teachers mentioned in this book.! plus a new (inexpensive)laptop for myself!!! thoughts, frequent visualisation could be the reflection of desperation and fear! It had less "how to" and more of "who did"! Just completed reading!Great read for anyone playing any games of chance, Read this and ge

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