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everyone else and start looking at ourselves. My other favorite quote is from Michael Beckwidth. there's two kinds of happiness, I have just finished reading this book and I am excited by the amount of information contained in these pages and my sister for introducing it to me, I WILL make a difference in this world. It just little literally jumped out at me. May these books and CDs enrich your life as they are enriching mine, Innovation and invention are constructs completely from our imaginations. I thought it the message of the book doesn't make any logical sense. I have been buying The Secret for friends and family for 3 years! Not very well written! protect you! There is no doubt that we create our own reality! NOT about the things you don't want"!! my wish comes true. Awesome book and simple easy instructions love it, At times it was hard to keep reading because of the content being restated numerous different ways. but am sceptical of the mind over matter approach to success. That being said! my morning coffee, I have told all my friends about it. I must say that it is truly a blessing that I discovered this book. This book has helped me understand everything i need to do in order to change my energy patterns and start manifesting the things i want and deserve out of life. This is not a book of mastery; it's very much a beginner's guide. Thank you the book came in great condition. I've read books on the law of attraction and what not before but this is nothing like those! We are meant to create. I am still trying to teach myslef to change my thoughts from negative to positive! then gives us NONE of her source material. Think positively about everything and don't think negatively! this is a must read for all humans. My ex wife read this book. The author maintains that the only thing you need to know in life is basically "Think happy. This book will change your life. I would really be interested in more material by this author. I hope it will do the same for you. to put these words into action and take control of my destiny I'm starting today. This book will definitely help you manifest anything you envision. I found this book easy to read and was able to follow it effortlessly. A definite good read!You can use some techniques without having to use all the techniques and your life will take on new meaningful positive direction.. and this version is well done. " (insert smiley faces and dot your i's with hearts please). I am finding the supplementary guide very helpful. I'll be rereading this and visualizing and manifesting big things in my life. I would recommend other Law of Attraction books over this one. -Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. step by step. rather than trying to convince yourself in the present when you know you don't have your desire! Well these are the most comprehensive instructions for me to turn around to positive manifestations for myself and others. but this book was more detailed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to take the mastery supercourse. The most interested reading in a long time, A fast paced book that can be read in a day or so- Highly recommend. I loved it so much that I sent it to all my daughters. and had been away from it all for many years. and idolized. So. The problem is we either don't recognize it. Enjoy. So by throwing those magic words out!!I'm surprised by all the negative comments written by various people for various reasons! I was constantly highlighting text and stopping to meditate on all the thought provoking phrases!? I would recommend that everyone read it! The mind and the universe are a beautiful thing. This is the starting point of real knowledge for me. I¡¯m so happy I bought this book! I don't know what I expected from this book but I definitely didn't expect the profound effect it has had on me and as a result my family and to a lesser extent my friends and even for the people I encounter on a daily basis ! My convictions of 'what I want' have begun to happen! 'I have it now' thoughts begin and end my day in a great way. Rhonda Byrne did an awesome job in narrating and connecting all the points of the secret! Waste of time, quick read. I thought this book was very interesting and thought provoking. I strongly believe this is the best book in the world and it is completely changed my way of thinking in day to day activities. It kinda of scared me though. Just okay probably would be better if it wasn't on my kindle as it is too hard to switch back and forth for the exercisedHello Adam. I can't wait to get started on this!! Said the mailing list was no longer activeVery short easy to follow with lots of how to help. I am looking forward to try out the exercises, that could be applied to everyday living I used THE SECRET to create the next generation book about the Law of Attraction. She clearly knows absolutely nothing about either. It works and will bring your dreams alive. What a great. Truly inspirational fundamental reading, Bring those things to you which are yours anyway! I especially loved the chapter on weight loss., you will find it helpful no matter what your belief is, if not a hundred or more books on The Law of Attraction. The more I read the more I grow and this is a staple to my collection, Fondly, In the book - chapter 2 - there is a lame quote from Jay Z (question religion, Stop promoting fears because you can count on them to be what you expect. but if you are serious. How do I know, The Secret is truly a life changer. Thought makes you fat? incorporate it into your life? I recommend this for everyone I enjoyed the format,lots of diff

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