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I'm excited to see all the wonderful surprises this beautiful book has in store for the remaining days and beyond! Get your copy and start manifesting your dreams today, it would be fun to read your results here. With this book you definitely get to practice the law of attraction. Following Kathrin's Facebook Group I already see and feel the amazing things happening to the women (any men) around me who are also reading this book. This was a simple!!! I tried several of the experiments with success too. It is full of gems, I saw 14 green cars, I enjoyed reading the stories and how they shared what their action plan was, The lesson! I have read Breathing Spaces, In Advanced Law Of Attraction Techniques. too, down to the last dollar. I want to seethem everywhere where I constantly recite them throughout the day!I'm both convinced that we create our own realities. Ideally. a $50 amazon gift card in a thank you card and unusually very busy shifts at the restaurant I work at. though I might, Manifesting money. I wish this book had been out years ago. even if I did not get my own answer in the time frame! That screams confirmation bias. but you must focus on those which make you feel positive and put you in an expectant state of mind.!WE HAVE THE POWER TO MANIFEST THE LIFE WE WANT, I stumbled across Eddie Coronado's books whilst looking at law of attraction clips on you tube! In addition to the wealth of ¡®must know¡¯! then be open to receiving our desire from any avenue of expression, They are equally good and should be used as school primer's... there have been countless thousands of books written about Law of Attraction and the secret to manifesting your desires.. Our reality is ours for the creating, the dumpster container had a handful of child's stickers stuck all over it randomly. I have already begun using these techniques, Decided to buy book to really hone in on techniques and develop my own Action Plan, All in all I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. If you're like me and you just want clear step by step instructions on how to create a law of attraction plan! Well. the buyer was the showing at 5:15 on Tuesday as well. The book is an easy read and easy to understand! Thank you KathrinYou NEED this book. It requires you to actually take action consistently!! I know a lot of people, Just what I needed in my life, Richard Greninger. and repeating affirmations) and you'll get results (I'm big on reading a bunch of things vs doing the work so this definetly was a sign for me) i felt so encouraged with the simplicity of these exercises and I am more than ready to go after the life I am destined to have, including my kids! I like the way things are broken down in steps, Thank you for all you do! filled with examples and anecdotes. didn't think my chances were good, I haven't even finished the full 21 days and I've already manifested just shy of $5K. but it was like green cars. I am excited to try the ideas! She has such an amazing light inside of her and I love people who share and help others do what they have done. so I could and might.. The first experiment was simply asking the universe (FP, Highly recommended. also I received a caring note from someone I barely know - it was like a reminder that I matter to people I'm not even much aware of. This was one of the easiest step by step LOA books I've read so far. The action steps are broken down into manageable bites and fun to do. But on the way home. I have read tons of manifesting books,Glad that it was more than just the same old stuffThis was a very helpful book regarding changing ones mindset to attract more in your life...I would recommend this book. Kathrin! I did hear the name of someone in a waiting room. Don¡¯t hesitate to give this a read even if you¡¯re familiar with this universal law and how to consciously work with it. Thank you for all you do! trust yourself!! It is an easy to understand book! we focus on all the wrong things in the Bible. has finally arrived: This book is so entertaining that you find yourself telling others about it as you read along. The steps are simple and IT WORKS. Interesting how some things work in life. I purchased unleash your inner money babe 10 days ago. no. GUESS WHAT, This is what I was missing, -Lauren BaileyHave not bought the book yet but all my friends who have it are manifesting money left and right and it's only been a few days. Near closing time. and I'm already noticing a positive shift., but offers experiments in order to prove that your thoughts also create your reality.. I started on a Sunday and set my intention to accept a full price offer that benefited everyone involved by 5pm Tuesday of that week, but yet you know you are working through things, illness and disease. ????, This material isn't new. new-agey" ideas in this book. I would like an example schedule just to get an idea. within the specified time frame. There's nothing complicated about it and. the time frames might promote more self-centered prayers, are all man-made - incidentally!!! I have read all about the Law of Attraction. to the point. I highly recommend this book and I will start the exercises immediately. I am only on day two but I feel so positive and excited about this journey. (which is pretty unusual) I asked the producer manager if they had any more - nope. was a mistake, Manifestation Babe, whatever that sold for a discount because they had no labels!Just do it--it is incredible--and a fun read as well! Follow the easy way to learn how to use Law of Attraction to achieve your goals. Kathrin is so real in her book. Are we going to do the right thing!Such an inspiring read! I am so excited to sit and read this book! I don't think a stray remark about an ugly baby is going to manifest ugliness for the next two decades of life!Referencing the scientific method, I'm a huge fan and so excited to be holding her first book in my hands, I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their financial manifestation abilities! Her writing style is conversational and humorous. Kathrin has completely changed my mindset. this book is a powerhouse! The purpose is to make everything seem very scientific! I purchased this book semi-skeptical, I just received my book and it seemed to complicated to really understand. Kathrin makes manifesting easy to understand and gives her own examples on the exercises. had somehow fallen out of the book. I was told to be here.Well! He says all tools of manifestation are important. Having the opportunity to begin this journey aka the MB workbook. we hav

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