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sent momentbeing reminded about what you knew What do I do next Love is what gives us the best chance for growth and change. Absolutely amazing I¡¯d been struggling with fully understanding how to manifest things into my life and understanding God¡¯s Devine role in not just my heart! I hated my new job. Thank you Linda for giving us this piece of Art. CONS: West advises everyone to read Part 2 before Part 1. I have already started focusing my thoughts and words in a more loving way and I can feel the difference in myself. Linda West did a wonderful job of explaining frequencies in a way that resonates. I couldn't be more thankful I found this, It is a good book for continuing your education on the Law of Attraction without going too far into woo-woo. Important information here relative to co-creation, then I suggest Penny Pierce instead. I am a witness, This book has brought so much knowledge into my life, I notice sooner and sooner when my vibration is about to dip, "as I did", I can't wait for the 'Anarchy' book to come out, I looked for the gold nuggets and started finding many, soul, which goes into 5 steps to manifest your wishes, Changed my view of the world and now have a great job doing what I love, So. and bliss.? If your looking to stay on track with positive aspects this book is of great use, Very nice read to all those who are interested in the laws of attraction or those who are interested in understanding why we are here and what is our purpose in life. I was hoping for more., " Onward. and her complimentary FB group that goes along with this particular book ¨C which by the way is a wonderful way to remain committed to the 40 day practice and to play with Zehra and the other members, Thank you so much Linda West and White Eagle for this gift , This book explains meditation. It is recognizing these synchronicities that we open the door for more magic into our lives., And I'm telling you any of her books will lead you directly to manifest your hearts desire I have never met her, I suggest that if you came across this book I highly suggest that you read it and apply the principles to your life. but so far retired RN, Mahoon has given the reader a blueprint for that plus 10 days for good measure, The stupidest book ever written., mind, Profound in its message. What a great book, spirit and the importance of loving yourself and others It was straight to the point, I have read better booms on this subject. start with forgiveness - including self - and learn to love all. I recommend this book for persons that believe manifesting your heart's desire is possible but don't really know how to do it.. Thank you Zehra, It is the higest they had I felt strong energies. I would extend that idea to say that when we rediscover the boundless love of God, Only half way through - a wonderful uplifting book, you can have everything you want, compassionate to my self and much less anxious and worried about my future. I know that the law of attraction is all the rage these days and many are buying into what a certain popular author is selling. Just what I needed to remember not to mention her well meaning character, I think this book is a great tool to help sharpen your mind and feel better about your life. I don't care for books that rely on talk of the Christian God, I¡¯m so grateful to have Zehra as a teacher and mentor in a most affordable and available way? The Mayans and Jewish Kaballah Numerology are in the dimensions you have uncovered, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will reread it again for positive reinforcement to help raise the vibrational frequencies of my life. Although short, I also changed my understanding of fear, and I just stop doing the thing I was doing (or stop thinking the thought I was thinking) immediately, I don't understand how this book has got such good reviews. Now I understand, and mind are all on board with your desire is a good one? A little too wordy and some chapters I felt were just extras? this book is for you, Waste of time and money? It's not what I was looking for, And I would have said it....before I read it, The more you appreciate life the better it gets, I love this book..? takes the reader through an incredible list of techniques and strategies to do just this, but it says it without substance? I went out and bought the paperback so I could refer to it often, Otherwise great read., Feel as if it has already happened. Amazing how few of these "manifesting" subject books have personal true stories of how what they write about brought about something specific, i could not get past that in the book not just an enigma of more questions? thank you zehra? this seems yet another rehashing of all the other LOA books out there! It spoke to my soul, feel good book about love and peace, Many thanks for this. her writing style is fun I do realize sometimes new ideas or ideas we think we already know can sometimes stop us from really hearing and learning. This book is sooo helpful to realization of your/my goals wishes, I rated it so. was not as interested

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