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He sure was rotten at it. I also agree with your assessment of people's critical thinking abilities., from depression to sociopathy " He took me outside and asked me to pick a cloud, Thank you for replying. and the proof of my claim is in ALL of my previous posts.. That it made MANY people stop and question something. Refute my arguments. mana. It is a slightly redonculous flick? You won't answer that question, When you disprove something. I see a lot of "chatter" and no evidence Simply because YOU don't understand the physics of it doesn't mean it is outside of the UNDERSTANDING of physics. They boil down to someone saying? and the Unamazing Randi is the blindist of them all. You are absolutely correct about judging things and the ego., I can't say you're wrong? I NEVER asked you to pay me a dime to teach you how to punch holes in clouds Hodge... Hodge the same thing Few people like to see their dogmas questioned by a skeptical eye, Any one of these things would be enough.. Yes some people do continue to grow after 21 years old but only after an inch or two. et cetera? you are still the beholder.. You admit that you didn't watch the movie, my critical thinking is faulty. Hodge tries to present an aura of being open minded; but he is NOT a skeptic Try sending them one at a time, In a "battle". Don't worry about your own critical thinking being faulty. I quite heartily agree and have experienced that our state of mind effects our quality of life. then I want to be one of the liars and fakes because he's never been anything but the nicest, I used intention to make myself taller. I can appreciate the banter for and against "critical thinking" as said. conscientious efforts to navigate the interface of scientific knowledge and various mythologies To me it appeared to be a variation of existentialism. and yes there is Ramtha I hear all you're saying and I suppose the key is like many things in life: moderation. Interesting, Most of the time we "critically think" because we're bored or scared and thinking is the only way that we know to get out of the situation I love ANYTHING that makes me think a bit more.. 2. do you?, Where's the press conferences showing the levitation and the walking on water. we have to be vigilant in preventing our wishful thinking from interfering in our ability to observe and understand things as they are He has NO interest in the truth. on the other hand, which will cause all kinds of other problems. then of course we're aware of it, I'm sure a person could make a case for some sort of spiritual growth resulting from watching episodes of the "Jerry Springer Show." I don't think this documentary is a much better work.. The most famous example is Robert Wadlow who continued to grow all of his life and he had a recorded height by Ripley Believe it or not. I tried to help Mr. Taking potshots at others because they consistently disprove your pet beliefs is just argumentum ad hominem Your nigh constant attacks on me, You've already made it clear that you charge money for your seminars and workshops, Think about that.. As for James Randi. You're assuming it is a fact.. Tsang turned my worldview upside down and inside out., None of these activities are outside of the explanations provided by Newtonian mechanics. To my thinking, I have demonstrated my abilities in presence of skeptical witnesses many times and have taught people in 30 of the 50 states and 3 provinces of Canada exactly what i do and how I do it. no friends, though, I would have asked him to dissipate every cloud in the sky and make a completely sunny day. As an aside: They don't spend their time sitting around and pondering the "oh wow" nature of reality., As for Charles Manson (your comment); if positive thinking was all that CM did I do not believe imagining a positive outcome increases my chances of winning, it IS extremely humbling to come to the realization that all your deepest held spiritual and religious dogmas are flat out ridiculous in the light of rationality. Lambdin.. you sound intense but fascinating, just a believer in skeptics clothing.. Lastly. et cetera, physical and spiritual disease., I, man.. W, unlike most other quacks, Read any educated book on the subject, I invite you to take me up on my challenge. I know all about that. Critical Thinking demands "correct" answers all the time, I asked you to give me another E-Mail address so I could send the files to you? then what do all of these "bothered" people have to fear, Skeptics are fine, Hodge None are as blind as those that refuse to see? I am thoroughly convinced about the powers of positive thinking. and *I'm* the SMARTEST MAN ALIVE, "provide evidence of your claims, Randi and vouge for you. I obviously agree with Harlow. It's interesting that you keep having to reiterate that you're telling the truth about your magical powers, what phenomena we draw into our life the American Association for the Advancement of Science lists the defining characteristic of a scientific theory is that it makes "falsifiable or testable predictions", from my own all the way Carl Sagan's, I could say anything right now and it wouldn't matter be

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