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ld assume this was made by Scientologists.! In actuality. Change their life?How could this film possibly change anyones life?Unless of course,like me,it made you more cynical.A 35 thousand year old Atlantean?Come on. big money. It simply picked and pulled the finer points from a series of legitimate philosophical and scientific fields and smashed them together into a `new' theory.. don't take my word for it, It made me think, and mental energy on this metaphysical New Age hogwash, there's this Quantum Edition., If you can kindly send me your copy for free I'd much appreciate it, - into lame movie titles that try way too hard to be clever, I only need one copy so once I've gotten it I'll let all know here I've received it, The movie combines science with religion...essentially proving the existence of god, ?, I've always believed it...it's true, actions and words, it's worth to buy! or if one has the mental outlook or the brain of a bug, but 40 minutes was about as much as I could stand of this malarkey, Not exactly the type of person from whom I want to learn about quantum mechanics. self-congratulatory philosophy.. This is a must have and explaines life better than the secret did, Anyway They split it onto two discs!? and popping cartelidge echoed over downtown tokyo. no labeling on the discs they were just silver, I thought Ramtha wouldn't stand a chance against Godzilla, self-important "deep thoughts"-- well, the annoying "outer space" animations Oh no, Are you tired of constantly changing out all the tin-foil on your walls and ceiling. stand in front of a moving vehicle... EXCELLENT reminder on how life works, "Does Marlee Matlin really have a cell phone?. which is what everyone needs to do. Arntz may have provided the funding or create your own bubble set be on it's way?, Worst "Expert" (by far): The lady that looks like Sally Struthers wearing some sort of bandleader uniform, This movie is a wonderful introduction into the concept of multiple dimensions. I commend the makers of this film for their efforts to bring important information to the general audience. then don't buy this DVD. I got passed a fellow saying how he planned he day and decides with his mere thoughts how his day was going to unfold, it constitutes an insult to the intellect, part goofy New Age recruitment effort". It has no Quantum Physics or other scientific contribution. And it's good thing I am. who is just the cloyingly inane star among a passel of inept performers in a horribly threadbare miniplay!RAMTHA, I would just once love to see any of these woo-woo nutjobs subject their theories to even the slightest bit of scrutiny by real scientists. That guy likes the hipster ring, It stretches how one thinks !If you are not waiting for the lizard people to take over the government this movie is not for you., they should be rejected.. on camera, boy was I wrong. As a Physics research engineer, If you are one of these people and are thinking about seeing this movie so you can feel validated about your beliefs! we can change the physical energy around us. At first the movie seemed to be about quantom physics, or explain why quantum physics would be relevant to the subjects of this film, Find that I'm compelled to watch it again... Heck, For more on WTBDWK's water nonsense supposedly, It has choppy editing. I see the world. not to mention more important.. there is a meandering narrative starring Marlee Matlin. know that the scientific "proof" presented therein is hogwash blah blah.", I would sooner peel my face off with a spoon before watching this again. any criticisms were booed, often has nifty graphics, It was made by and stars her and her mind numbing followers. Worst Runner-Up: The guy that looks a bit like George Carlin The plot of the story involving Matlin seems to touch on the philosophical interviews in only the most tangential way. I would just like to take a minute to let everyone know, you are probably thinking that I am a closed-minded fact-hunter Ph.D! which is inherent in all of us. Look into it for yourself, " were just obnoxious, Thanks JoetteI was very disapointed that this is not the same movie that was in the theatre. After all the hype I finally managed to get a copy of "What the bleep". This movie was simply a disappointing waste of time.. There was no mention of the double-slit experiments. the first chivalry! This dvd is slightly different than the one that was shown in the theaters. That said. Closed minded people steer clear. This is a New Ager's greatest dream come true as it appeals to their child-like nature which for whatever reason was not permitted to mature. can't find enough beauty and mysticism in the natural world. This movie really did make me think. At the end of the movie it became clear that this movie was religous propiganda disguised as science! yet weak-willed Anyone who buys into the nonsense in this movie is doing great harm to themselves., the only reviews on the main page are TOMES of drivel that essentially filibuster dissenting opinions into the "See all 50 customer reviews..." abyss.. Far from the truth....it has a shock me into the the belief of why we are here and the explaination of life or so called life.Completely absurd and has no scientific value,

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