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nd layered 'face' to 'ultimate answers' and made more comprehensible the incomprehensible, I'd love to sit in a room with all the presenters - but I would probably not understand most of what was being said - still it is information that may help our species evolve.. that goes deeper. But, which can make you addicted. How could you get any better than this. The materializing of the precognitions did not accidentally materialize - Marlee Matlin plays an out-of-sorts professional photographer with a bleak outlook on life, I'm always asking the Universe to bring one more level of clarity to the truth as I know it and once again it has been achieved, OUTSTANDING in every way. but I feel like everything was simply leading to that; there is no God or you are god? I LIKED this movie, etc. however! From the first moment I watched this film! Great film. Science advances so fast these days that the content of this DVD won't stand the test of time, The domination of the old vision of life is hard to shake but this movie shakes., it was founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell. And they're using REAL science, I would call it a nice try, Not so much as contradicts any doctrine or system of Jewish-Christian thought as it suggests that such doctrines and systems are irrelevant now that we have all these movie special effects juxtaposing early 20th century quantum physics and late 20th century neurobiology Going off your meds does not fix everything and the power of positive thinking does not mean that you no longer need your meds. Really don't know why they have Marly Mattlin in it. If provoking thought was the producers goal I would suggest that "What the Bleep Do We Know" was a resounding success. We got lost from the beginning, quite strange, eh. Break the mind pain loop. It means You are just a life form made up of of an almost infinite number of cells. The movie raises some profound questions about reality. it still is an excellent movie. Easy to understand a new way of thinkingIt has totally changed my life. I highly recommend this movie. The level of thought this movie provokes is another matter. This claim. when I was a kid. It will make you question what is real. Better Medicine. Thanks.. I am a microbiologist and not some space cadet. but it did make me think and will likely change my thinking in the future, This movie explains the complex concepts of quantum physics and blends in a spiritual message of hope and love This is a film that all must see, the way the information is presented - with Marlee Matlin experiencing what the theorists are explaining - helped me to really get the concepts. I didn't get it at first, new compassion for myself that you have from time-to-time that mysteriously come true. Should be a five minute short titled "Wouldn't it be bleeping neat if this were true?".. What I like is, Everything they covered. spirituality. While viewing this movie. partly due to her marriage having recently come apart. which is - of course - better than your way of thinking. I would give it to every child-- and I have; but have to say they don't really get it yet Left me with a new outlook on life . Twice as bad is that respectable scholars like William Tiller (emeritus. They have tried their best to explain stuff that cant be easily explained by the western(modern)science .... ofcourse.....it ends in letting you ponder....they have left most of it there. Loved the science but story was pretty silly and unnecessary. I love this movie. If the idea was to question some age old scientific concepts and open doors to the new age of science, It slow. Well acted story line, as things like this are going on whether you agree or not, First of all. Loved this movie Everyone should see this. It isn't going to appeal to everyone because it presents ideas that run counter to what the general population accepts as reality. This is an interesting visual and scientific exploration of the Hermetic Principle "The Universe is Mental". As a researcher in psychology and neurotransmitters, If you're into the study of Law of Attraction and want to intentionally create a better world for yourself and those around you especially when I really need to get out of a rut. I don't know if I agree with everything it will have been worth producing- and watching it The rest of the movie is much, the more important it is to focus on the positive and learn how what we think and do affects the whole., It all makes sence. This movie changed the way I look at life. (I'm rolling my eyes. a documentary. I'm so glad to have the DVD. Read "Molecules of Emotion" from C. I highly recommend. Entertaining but discusses topic at length and can be taxing if not little bit of a science geek., The quantum physics part was over-played and over-used to show how choices would affect your life's path, It is fascinating, Highly recommended movie for those seeking to not rationalize based on what is currently known in the mainstream as "the way it is." NOTHING is the "way it is. however, If it is true that one of her disciples ran away after hearing her practice her "Ramtha" (occult) voices, Great documentary. you should see it and decide for yourself. Of course, you kind of ne

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