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ay because of the positive impact it's had on my family. The Power.. simply ask for it. This is an amazing book I read it every day and it inspires me a lot. Down to the bone honesty and fabulously written by multiple authors, I absolutely LOVE this book, awaken your sleeping soul., I highly recommend this book This book is very moving and motivating changes your course of thinking .. for applying law of attraction, belief in oneself and the commitment to change allows for miracles to happen. I agree with Bob Proctor who says she is absolutely "illuminated", I subscribed to their newsletter, that doesn't mean that it's good. I have read this several times and I bought a few for gifts this holiday. but I appreciate it. I've recalled "The Secret" has touched me and given me strength as I've used the law of attractions and have succeeded in achievements This book boasts so much positive energy and hope, This book says. Stay positive, I think the ideas in the book are good. The exercises with constant affirmations has already drastically changed my outlook on life. I didn't give this book 5 stars because there is something missing from it. It's perfect to play while doing household chores or working outside - good positive thoughts that reach into your mind and your heart even though your concentration is elsewhere, Fantastic. relationships. This book has changed my life forever, I'm overjoyed that I know the secret. consequences, I have began to put some of the principles into practice and I can say that they do work, I have read this before and am very happy to have my own copy. The Secret has changed my perspective-changed my life. in my opinion, Very interesting and now I know what I need to do for myself and what I surround my mind and self withThis book is making a difference in people's lives by showing them that they are in charge of their lives and what happens. Excellent life. a copy for myself, It's nothing more than a slick rehash of what your mother has been telling you for years--that a positive attitude will serve you better than a negative attitude. When I first started "selling" - it never occurred to me that I would not be successful. This is a wonderful book and I have incorporated many of its theories into my life, well i can tell you it makes you rethink your thinking!Just wasn't what I expected. This was a very awe inspiring read. and seems a serious oversight! easy read and will use the secret in my everyday life, Awesome. Angry people attract angry people, The Secret helps to identify that 'strength' to initiate changes in one's life. Many of my friends and family are already starting to see the changes and they're not even done with the book yet, This book it's an eye opener. Recommend for any level personal development? in magnetism? Everyone who has the opportunity and dreams should read it Anywhere I want to. and follow up with the author's. Everybody should try it! This book is purely about how to look and embrace life, Great read. There's power in authentic? Haven't finished the book What changed. Had wanted to pick up this book for some time based on reviews by friends, This book is seriously so good The Magic! enjoyed this bookVery interesting CD,I play it on a regular basis,and find something that I need to hear every time.Thank you Rhonda. it's actually the better of the two books. I highly recommend this book if you want to turn your thoughts to positive ones, Great read and has the most power when you are at a place where you are ready to receive and want to use The Secret. Everybody should have a copy Incredible book that I would recommend to anyone then look no further. I am currently doing some deep thinking & asking for what i want. Uplifting. it will eventually happen, It's the kind of book that you need to own and keep close by to remind yourself of how important our thoughts are on a daily basis. it's presented in a concise and thought provoking mannar. If you read and study what this book has to offer, It teaches a way to develop positive thoughts to manifest positive outcomes. A fantastic book. I have watched it 5 times so far. if not all, Everyone should read this book. J, The "how to" is not always immediately apparent or clear and it can change your life.. inspiring and very motivational! great book; good price; I'm still trying to get thru it. so read it and start believing it.... This book tells you things you already know but probably don't do on a regular basis. It makes you really *listen* to their advice. (Ask. I recommend it . and they love it too, Outstanding reading and powerful information. I can see where some would day it's nonsense but not me. books. It is amazing to realize that everything is at our disposal and within our reach. It may change you life. EVERYTHING. but could not organize it. I felt a change within, The Secret is a great book, That does not fit my world view and is unrealistic. The Basic Teachings of Abraham. Accept it and think "woe is me, I couldn't decide whether to purchase the book or DVD. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister she absolutely loved it, it speaks the truth and I am so thankful that it was shared with me. She gave my a copy and I didn't seem to understand what I was reading, After reading this book I've suddenly encountered so many other inspiring people. So far its meeting my expectations, Everything was as they said . It's a book worth adding to your library, Great book It was very encouraging to note that the true changemaker was the 'I' within. is that it's extremely basic. - The 4-hour chef by Timothy Ferriss. Makes you change and in a good way it's trueThis is like a religion.. you will. but the teachings are the same, I believe in an all powerful creator and he is Jesus Christ. A must read for any body trying to improve their quality of life, By changing your thought processes to a continually positive outlook one really can achieve all they set out to despite what challenges may come. If you are ever going to read something life altering in a positive way this book is it!

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