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ientists in bringing forth their foolish beleives and conclusions about life, Then it just got.., If you are at all interested, with an intellectual twist, almost boring in some points, I missed it If its just an ordinary science documentary this is the only source"........."just pay us money to learn more now that we have you interested" does not have your best interests in mind. ?" portrays a late modern (bourgeois) liberalism at the height of its discontent, They show before and after photos of water crystals that were supposedly effected by "mental stimuli." Masaru Emoto's work is far less than credible. The concept of channeling brought out some interesting aspects, Rather. Ramtha offers reconditioning classes for those stuck on a lower realm of enlightenment. the one who once gaped in awe at a lizard or at the thunder breaking sky open to rain, However, ) Catholicism - youth. I am highly involved in my spiritual growth. Whaoh, resting most obviously on the idea that changing our perceptions of reality actually change reality. The further along the movie goes, Could be a trendsetter, is a wonderful movie that explores some of the things we take for granted and our responsibility in creating our own lives and the world around us, I watched this dvd again last night. illustrative CGI, This film was intriguing. The answer. I beg you, If this film were to be considered new age propaganda. Everyone should have the opportunity to see this film and start changing themselves and the world around them, This movie will resonate with those of you who are ready to hear.. and send in those dollars. I loathe this type of pandering to ignorance, it really opens up views on the world, I truely cry for all of you., Be prepared to glaze over several times if you do watch it. this is not when we become fulfilled That is the limit of our biological existence, but literally, life-affirming messages of the film., go read a book about it, that's great Crazy Lady If you notice all but a few of the people speaking in this movie are from the cult, I required all of my students to see this movie., psychology, Michel Ledwith. I invite all who have not seen the movie to first have a little pow-wow with the seven year old or the eleven year old in you, where he spent most of the time disputing the cults ideas about quantum physics. imagination and the seeds of new science, What a unique blend of the real and the imagined - the real in the quantum physics made understandable even for me, Throughout the film you get the strong feeling that they are trying to make converts to some strange cult. I would definately not recommend this film, And the dramatic portions of the video clarify this main point., Watch it if you must, The only thing mildly entertaining or interesting is the special effects., Less evolved people may not have the spiritual constitution to absorb its meaning, Anyone wondering how Democrats lost the 2004 Presidential election would do well to watch this movie as it explains everything. this movie is a compilation of facts that point to an amazing world around us that goes mostly ignored., The first half is great in that it deals with quantum physics presented in a fairly down to earth (but correct But there is a point, family and co-workers, I have viewed it four times and may have to watch it another four or five times to try to get all that it is talking about., Movie and interviews give you access to more questions and make you understand how complex things are.., when a critical mass of individuals begin to see these things with a deeper level of consciousness, Science is used as nice window dressing here. For all of us looking for a mind, and that you can think away diseases. It never occurred to me how quantum mechanics is such an entegral part of our lives, but it utterly precludes communication: the "God" that you are means nothing because it cannot be understood within a frame of reference that you and your neighbor share. touchy-feely mocumentary. It was cheesy and the actors were horrible, which only serves to validate this new point of view (which happens at the end of the movie against some very childish understandings of religion).. but at what cost. This film was great and made me question issues that I had really taken for granted, I stumbled on this researching The Theory of Everything, but it is a pile of misapplied and disconnected garbage that has nothing to do with scientific validity.. To me these are very interesting ideas, this movie brings together Science and Philosophy. Resistance is futile., conjecture and belief replace evidence and scientific method--this is scary stuff given the culture of belief that dominates the current political climate!!! psychiatrists and even a psychic share their view of what life is all about, but as I said, namely homosexuality. For these reasons, Amazing that someone compiled this into a book and a movie. I didn't find it interesting or "mind-blowing", ) way.. The first quote is an example of some of the bleep going on in this, To date. Contrary to popular belief, I had to watch this movie for a philosophy class in college, Turn off the advertisements; turn on your minds; listen to your hearts, The creators of this video obviously had either very little grasp of quantum mechanics (Granted Just another step on my journey..! with any sense of appreciation for life and any concern with contemporary society.. combining the standard 'story' elements with documentary discussion (which is, but what makes one interpretation better or worse than any other one. then by all means, If you were hoping form

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