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g book! I Have a good start and will keep reaching for more. I hit bottom! An amazing book. The vast majority of people in this world have two things in common: belief in religious ideology and sickness! Melinda MelerVery simple to follow. I especially liked the two parts to the book. I so appreciate this 40 day LOA / manifestation workbook, This book brings into perspective what I always felt to be true I would recommend this work for an explanation sorely needed on how to access all we desire and achieve that which makes us happy! others. This book surprised me in so many ways. I've also bought this cool book for loved ones because of how beneficial it's been for me. body and spirit part, I think this book is a great tool to help sharpen your mind and feel better about your life. It was no coincidence that this book crossed my path. I got a friend one and Im going to get another for another friend! but world! Grab a cup of tea and get ready to be enlightened! I loved it! Luckily for those of us who would like one God is Love...Love is God. I found this to be a very helpful and practical book. I felt like nothing was directly answered. we will then learn our unique purpose in life. the belief in "something superior" is merely a low frequency distraction keeping us from living life in higher frequencies. I love how Linda mentioned that our dreams are very important during our time in this dimension. It really doesn't explain anything just states why you should feel a certain way! I know I'm guilty of this!! I'm not sure I really believed the author when she put herself in the first person!!! Its really easy to recognize it now that I am observing it! as that is not how free will works. I like the way the ideas are presented in this book!!!!!! the 2nd part can distract you from what you're manifesting! I found this book to be really helpful, yet so profound, I particularly appreciate Zehra¡¯s ability to write clearly and her care and commitment to guiding others through her books, the most important ones taking a look at how we view the world and our circumstances, Your book is going to be the first book I now recommend when somebody is open to learn. I love this book.., however the 5 step plan is the same in all 3 books. Well written and invigorating to read, I got to admit. Everyone needs to read these books, she kept it simple and easy to understand, but the wealth and happiness starts within ourselves. This book literally changed my outlook on life. I have read other but is on this topic this is one of the best how to attract an actor to you and generally become a minx, retired RN. Won't forget the lessons in this book-a keeper for re reading at any point during this life, read it, Thank you Linda West for your energy filled words of knowledge and wisdom.... Truely profound I feel good and thankfully blessed to receive these clear words of love. Imagine! You can feel the positive energy radiating from the pages as you read them, I rated it so Not just another "Law of Attraction" books! recognize the frequency within you. Read this book and you will know what to do. lovable book, is filled with muddled thinking. and can help you see your blindspots so you can make the changes you are looking to make. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and cant wait to do more work. Great book... Love Zehra and love her book! It's easy to read and easy to apply in your life., I strongly recommend purchasing this book and doing the workout, his teachings and plan will also lead you to manifesting what you want I found this very helpful and it sparked a desire in me to learn more, And why it was necessary. on time perfectPerfect jump start to manifesting change in your life. Was not exactly what I expected, But did enjoy it as spiritual person.. not to mention her well meaning character. I love this book so much that I bought a copy for my husband so that he can join me on this journey toward a positive life. checking out all the Law of Attraction plans both well and good. I stumbled upon this book looking for something else. Great book, I have read better booms on this subject. Why isn't Part 2 first, And I would have said it....before I read it. It may not have been a standard length, It has simple to understand language! In short. Love is the answer, soul. If you want to read something like this of better quality just get a self help book! I enjoyed the read!! happy. but so far. There were several points that I hadn¡¯t heard before and others I hadn¡¯t considered in the depth presented by the author. 58 years old and out of a job, Ioved it, Because it is always there. Absolutely amazing. If you are ready! This book has brought so much knowledge into my life. Icy outthink it's true or not soul. Those 5 steps to manifestation were truly helpful! All the stuff we already know but need reminding. but could have been left there as a much shorter book without her personal unfortunately unnecessary stories!! This is a must read book of you! I guess that the incessant repetition of motivational r

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