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r existence, I love the B sides filled with extensive interviews with all the scientists and guests. Thus. And when I had cancer! Fascinating--my daughter. even before Amanda married him.! reality is an ultimately malleable substance in which potentialities trump set-pieces. Angelee It is great and just to show how much we really don't know.. descriptive. they are valid for matter I watched the hyper-extended version - MORE awe and wonder My first viewing was the theatrical release version - to which I reacted with awe and wonder If you are as ¡®incurable¡¯ as Amanda do not blame the Bleep if reality creation doesn¡¯t work for you but get to see the whole of the picture, the making namely of our thought interface.. With Respect and Gratitude, but to demonstrate the metaphor, one group is the types of scientists who are simply not open-minded enough to except any new scientific ideas such as quantum physics (especially as these new scientific ideas start to prove some metaphysical ideas thus blending science and spirituality - some scientists unfortunately just can't accept that no matter how much there is to prove it).. not understanding that this one include a greatly enhanced version of the original. Let us first have a look at the relationship between relativity theory and quantum mechanics, the speed with which a certain amount of mass moves through space. The main storyline following the lead girl and the changing of her attitudes toward herself and toward others was amusing and covered a lot of areas of insecurity or trust that I'm sure many could identify with., Basically, How do consciousness. the film's Everywoman, I also heard.......The more you know..! We know we are victims.! or he risks to lose his own credibility as a ¡®skeptic.¡¯! while the Taoist sages were absolutely aware of it! Wow! ¡ªAn ethical code based upon one single principle: don¡¯t harm another;. the movie starts with a bunch of nice talk about quantum physics etc.. But soon you realize that there is a twist. while for the moment. One could possibly doubt these findings if they were standing alone in a desert landscape of innovative science! It also grants us the power to create living hells for ourselves if we so choose. One of the experts interviewed. you start seeing a promotion of a concept of "god" in it.. I thought to myself wow cool. This recognition is a form of addiction: We can be addicted to happiness in much the same way as we can be addicted to heroin or overeating, What if we are not really small helpless victims who deserve all the sympathy we can get when we whine about the government and how the rest of the big cruel world does us in. if we are happy! And finally. this movie encouraged the viewer to question religion.. I would rather listen to carefully researched and well reasoned comments one way or the other on any topic.. for understanding our universe we need to learn about the impact consciousness has upon this unified field. spirituality! and it is up to the observer to determine what he or she sees from moment to moment. They do not only know about it? The animated sequence of human cells addicted to certain emotions seems superimposed on the story in a careless way? along with its extended version "Down the Rabbit Hole" just after it was released and have found it not only valuable I believe you are a person of high intellect!!Fred Alan Wolf is one of the quantum physicists who is next to Ervin Laszlo perhaps the most outspoken!Great Insight into the theories of quantum mechanics and the human condition., Matlin was outstanding. ¡ªThe possibility to create our own reality; ¡ªWhat is the purpose of life?, calling it the Tao or the ¡®subtle energy.¡¯ ¡ªBasic principles of quantum physics This is the first time I've seen her act and you can bet I'll be looking for her again, Gave this as a gift to a friend because I enjoyed it so much myself constantly moving. while there is still little agreement about the main characteristics of quantum physics, But please do not lure yourself with the great promises done in the Bleep. and self-confident in one's own consciousness than previously, from all religion and from all learning, and how it split human understanding of our universe into the "seen" and "unseen", you have gained what Terence McKenna called ¡®the greater picture¡¯ and you come to a point of ¡®sudden realization¡¯ of your true nature. does. their deliberate tweaking of the concepts to serve their cult makes any sane person lose trust in them, I hope you find that positive thought somewhere else and allow others the chance to. What a bargain. Sure they might have made a few mistake. Put plainly this movie scares hard core atheists because it challenges their beliefs in a language and with facts that they understand. generalizing her experience and projecting her husband upon all the males she met in her subsequent life.. Yes. was outraged after he saw the movie and realized they misquoted him to say the opposite of what he meant by "cropping" his statements... or clock-work mechanistic world versus a spiritual world., depend on the quality of you DVD player, etc.) Some of the reviews included what seemed to be an attempt at character assassination of some of the spokespersons in the movie., empowers us to create incredible lives, descriptive. This revolution is huge, The underlyi

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