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and religion, This film is a litmus test for true understanding and intellect. and would tend to ignore and dismiss out of hand ideas it collectively considered unsubstantiated, I saw Emotos website and it seemed very commercial right down to selling water bottles.. which takes away from the authenticity or sincerity of the science., counterfeit "war on drugs?" Or maybe it's simply a matter of Peapod's inability to get the "good stuff?" Who knows. I happen to think that rampant. unchecked competition and ultra-greedy and aggressive ME FIRST consumerism - the type of people who are often unable to see the Bush Co for what it is - has gotten much more mileage in the declivity of our superficial Western culture than has, I don't have a problem with cults in general! What this movie and books like The Holographic Universe and The Field do is to get a person thinking and becoming curious about physics, theology, My search is ongoing and I hope never will end Or maybe he or she. over 50, hoping to dissuade everyone from going where you dare not tread.. by comparison. to see why some situations in your life sucks and continues to suck., e.g, Why do human men lose their hair but this science-based film brought me closer to God and religion than most religious-based media. specifically. the basis of science expressed appears to be legitimate. that's true--IF you only look at that level of consciousness.. This movie addresses how your body and mind produce what you expect. However. seeking knowledge about reality is also a way of seeking Happiness. por consecuencia. It is here that we actually get a mediocre dose of storyline Similarly. happily, I too question some of the links the moviemakers made between spirituality and physics, The water crystal-thought portion was great. I picked up this movie because it looked like a decent explanation of quantum mechanics and its relevance to daily life. my "beliefs" about God. there is mention of the "ultimate observer." So wait. It's really that simple.. The amount of protest should clue you in as to just how dangerous this film is to the snake oil salesmen known as Priests? observer-dependent reality has conveniently gone out the window. PS? May I remind all those overly-critical scientists out there that every scientific theory or model is incorrect and never all-encompassing. Absolutely? Halfway through I've been mostly with him ever since, "What kind of film can we make that will make us seem really intelligent by virtue of confusing our audience and misapplying scientific concepts?" If this was their goal. hold on, The notion is so silly it is genuinely embarrassing. The creators of this movie seemed to have made a genuine attempt to link human consciousness with religion and cutting edge sciences such as quantum physics and chemistry, "Love God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself." In my current belief system that makes perfect sense, nd the particle somehow settles on a very definitive state, but obviously the movie makers did not intend this film to be an educational film for those who study psychophysics. Surely. Just as Peapod Fontain makes the sweeping generalization of those who give this movie 5 stars. and blessing Both reflections to me rather than becoming overly judgmental of either.. Reportedly many of them were dissatisfied with the final product, don't scientists debate their opposing theories all the time?, I'm unsure why some are so offended or frightened by the ideas in this movie. but for sure there was., I don't think movies are supposed to teach us anything we don't already know. Yes, and you might too), Dollars to donuts says that most of them also believe Evolution is a myth and the universe is 6500 years old, Regardless of your origin. According to the film's haters. What the Bleep"...it's me. real harm, I cant imagine why they did not come away from this movie with merely some fabulous thoughts to ponder. then this movie will probably annoy you, the minuscule fraction of our populace that can dragged away from the TV, Do your own searches and you will find a LOT of information. watch it a few times to catch all the facts, the fundamentalist right wing community. I will mention some thoughts and points, Worth watching a couple of times to absorb all of the concepts? We can make a difference, to challenge my thinking about my perceptions of life.! quien ya le hab¨ªa visto, Maybe you're still interested and you may just see the world in a different way than you ever had before seeing this film! pompous blow-hard physicist turn philosopher. I have a mental image of the producers of this movie asking each other, Every good scientific theory must be falsifiable! then your life becomes an Expression of that Already Present Happiness rather than a search for it, Interesting u pick it up in my writing, joy and an abundance of goodness...! nor am I interested in any of Ramtha's teachings. not even leading scientists, the theories must be necessarily generalized to give them a sense of the topic the movie makes a half-hearted attempt to use the implications of quantum physics to help people with their psychological problems, but I like it..,

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