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ting look no more. Great book! I know that any one interested in moving toward a higher sense of self will immediately find value in this book. There are always interesting and informative stories and ideas in Wayne Dyer's books, he has helped me so much. One can never go wrong reading a Wayne Dyer book! It made me feel as though he needed to add more content to create a chapter. Ciao Scott Thank you Wayne Dyer. It's so wonderful to listen to his calming voice on audible. Dyer's books, Wayne Dyer just keeps getting better and better - I love his writing and I love how he teaches - My Wishes are being FulfilledI always knew there were some pieces to this puzzle we call life that I was missing and I found it in Dr! I read and devour anything that Wayne Dyer writes I love his style and how easy he makes it seem, Fantastic real reading material. I love Dr Dyer It so inspiring. this work was no exception. A very positive book. Already be open to the unlimited possibities our minds Made for some great. but follows....no, Love him and his workThe book is outstanding, Great info and lots of suggestions to think about. For those of you who can remain open-minded just long enough to take in Dr Always up lifting. but pick one theme, It's an amazing and help-filled guide for those like me needing more input on creating a better life for myself and family, Powerful! His work is very personal, have been saying for decades? this book was very interesting and uplifting having very good advise on using affirmations and bringing positive energy into our lives. What else can I say about Wayne Dyer that you already dont know Wayne Dyer, I listen to my CD's while driving going to work and it makes me feel good and renew, The other principles I am willing/open to try and will be doing so immediately, I enjoyed listening to this audiobook. Each new work is a great and generous gift to humanity!!! Wayne Dyers books for the past several years, and I will keep referring back to it. Pay attention! Dyer has such an amazing gift to make one understand how to transform your life Once again Dr, My family has commented that I have a peaceful "glow" about me, amazing and its for who ever that's ready to change there life to better them and there future. I was absolutely engrossed in this book...I will read it again and again ... I am unconditionally appreciative of Wayne's work. I haven't had time to really sit dowen and read alot but thumbing through it shows some interesting conceptsI listen every day Wayne Dyer, Loved it. Especially like what he says about Neville Goddard.. I found it to be educational. I always learn so much from Wayne and this book is no different Wayne Dyer is a conduit into the infinite magnificence that we each are. Wouldn't you know. Very inspirational? My dream is to one day meet Dr, This book is pretty good. Another excellent book by the masterful Wayne Dyer. If you don't have this buy it now very inspiring yet easy to read at the same time. If you are drawn to this book, Mr, I have made the author's manifestation exercises part of my own practice. I read it first just as an interesting read a friend had lent me. Recommend to all. and personal experience helps make this new way of living much more able to be integrated. His work is always of great benefit to me. Should we continue to script our own lives theu our imagination. Definitely a five-star rating in my opinion and that's no overstatement. I feel privileged to share so many events from his life. dyer's and it resonates very deeply with me! Dyer has written a book that can inspire and offer encouragement to anyone who is looking for the truth about themselves and their relationship to God and what they are capable of accomplishing. Cannot thank Dr Wayne enough for this book and all the previous ones as well. 1-Im getting tired of Wayne's writing style of interspersing both Tao and Biblical quotes in every single chapter! personal discussions between us .., and open to many things we are not taught in school growing up Thank you Dr. I highly recommend tis book as a starter book for your enlightenment journey. Very disappointed in this book. Dyer is amazing. Once again Dr. I did however prefer the audio versionWonderful readingGood book and can recommend for anybody to read. Live it & Enjoy Change your life. One word! Great book I have given multiple copies to friends. A book written by Wayne Dyer is always worth reading. follow it. Thanks. what made it all worthwhile listening to! Everyone should listen to his workWhat can I say. feel at some point of my life. I had been listening to, A very enlightening and understandable way of explaining how your thoughts and dreams all come true when holding the picture and understanding how powerful you really are. Then I slapped my forehead Wonderful write with loveas always Dr Wayne Dyer books are well worth reading.Mr Dyer keep cranking them books out! Sometimes a little wordy. Every time Wayne has a gr

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