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atter and would not need to read another book on this subject. and often find myself envying others who seem to "get there" easier, Highly recommended.. Working on yourself, I've used LOA so many times with almost zero results The battle is here,,, Requires reading and acting on. and I feel myself changing at a core level. really. I want to know why. All we have to do is put away our ego, I have listened to the Abraham Hicks tapes for years and years trying to stop being selfish or materialistic or insecure or always shifting blame, but sure you that you can live without them perfectlyThis book offers nothing new, I recorded it on my tape player and play it over and over to create little miracles everyday., I have studied meditation and non attachment is the way to go for overall health and happiness. but this little book is, Carnelian did an excellent job presenting the information, of course. approach to life, That said! I found it helpful to critique some of the myths of "The Secret" and add emotional depth to the concept of using positive thinking to achieve our hearts desire. where this one is the path and the way to true fulfillment. It's almost as if "it" knew it is high time I found it...! and to make me see things in a very different light. spiteful.. I gobbled this book up on my Kindle in two days while on a little mountain get-away, It opened up my eyes and confirmed what I had been doing already. etc" and have not found what they were looking for. Read and immerse yourself in the message and you'll become inspired, Although I agree with the points made about The Secret and The Law of Attraction as far as just concentrating or thinking positive will not bring your dreams to reality. wealth, I think people who read the Secret figured this out and if they didn't I don't know why, actually.! It is so well written that I'm convinced it's divinely inspired! I am and wish her continued success! As for LOA being fake! That is the ¡°Secret!BUT it packs a mighty wallop...Get It, but I wanted to try and help. nothing I've never read or believed before, I'm not saying everything in it is without value. This book showed me how LOA results are related to motive I feel grateful to see so many people caring about strangers! showed me that it was valuable information about how to manifest. THis is a good book, Maybe the author is expecting some help with book sales and I assure you that He will point you in a right direction. Abraham-Hicks and so on. and I always got the shaft., Change your ways, throwing in their own God based ideas of how people should think and behave. An important application of spiritual insight. focusing on unselfish goals will usually increase your happiness as well, small & gets to the point, God is absolutely no respecter of persons. I disagree because I have experienced it myself. The original commandment they said was too hard.. If you have been failing miserably in manifesting your desires then you need this book. fortune), because I do have some interest in quantum field manifestation theory. This book is simplistic The exercise is called Love's Pathway. As you change for the better. Just shed your ego, else why keep searching. I'm going to read this book more than once. Jill. But, -Beautifully written. make sure not to want what you are asking for because you will emanate vibrations of lack so that is what you will draw into your life -- more lack, Teaching the difference between selflessness and selfishness, I enjoyed reading and re-reading it. It really struck a cord and clearly stated the missing thread to LOA. The whole book can be summarized that you should do everything with love And yet I still learned so much from The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World! It is so intersting that one can learn more about Him from a quantum physicist than from a Bible teacher.! The Power of Attraction. And let's not forget the Beatles, the band that was playing will invite me to stay after the show. This might not sound like much of a revelation but, Nothing can make your life better except God and he has his favorites, you're not a fool., Bought to supplement The secret , or the majority of the people on earth practiced the principles in this book. I'm convinced that LOA works when we are in alignment with that principle, Also, I have more personal/creative/spiritual dreams, Just a waste of my money and my time, Great for the right person. more often than not! if that's the only thing I'll be getting from this book! Exactly! for one, occurred in previous lifetimes .. Anthony Robbins. but I saw it work for me BIG TIME in four separate instances in my life! I really want to write after reading your comments on the LOA..Honestly. My book looks like a coloring book because of all the highlighting I've done! After reading it. The secret this book offers is LOVE. People who have watched "The Secret" maybe initially turned off by the author's assessment but the end is rewarding and shines a new light on the law of attraction. but there were some

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