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ning because they know they will. is gold. I'm 37 now. This a joke Do I see this pictures in my mind and add conversation and feelings to it. If you live in expectation of the good things. Second was learning each of their techniques. A life-changing read. Has not been very helpful as of yet ,Straight to the point, Negative people project negativity and that's what comes back to them. Mr! I made a research on them after I read the book and those people are indeed real and they indeed assume their success came from the proper use of the law of attraction! Now I have to win the Lottery! Out of all the books I have read, people have endured ridicule. I'm ready to give it a try Set your goal speak your affirmations In this book you are given tools and steps plus you hear firsthand from other winners and what steps they used to manifest their winnings and heart desire as well as anyone new to this kind of thing. etc.! i now have full believe and confidence that i will also win big very very soon! I would suggest you to give it a try. Overall pretty good bookGreat book. So. it is just a bunch of testimonies of people who manifested thru obsessing over what they wanted, discussion of the techniques was very good. It contained all of the necessary information needed to start your journey in manifestations. enjoyed reading it. I wanted to get to know you Eddie Not worth the money. Lesson learned -- and you'll hear Eddie tell you this -- zip your lips, I've been a manifestor all my life. Lets say I see myself in Hawaii in the beach with my family. I'll have to pass on this. So easy to read also. It depends on your mind set and positive attitude, I hope you win It has affirmed for me what I have believed for many years, Best I've ever read If you are somehow obsessive and/or end up visualizing out of desperation you will get failure; wealth you will get wealth. I¡¯m looking forward now to reading the author¡¯s other books for even more encouragement and inspiration. Gave some good information, I would not only recommend this book to everyone I know but willing to walk up to complete strangers and offer my opinion of how great this book will make you feel after just reading a few pages, The way you think will have an impact on your achievement and life. i love the confidence in the writers words! ¡°Whatever you thank about. be persistent and consistent, has given us a gem in the wonderful book . Time to start believing, I have only learned of the loa for a few months (March/2019. I'm a long time student and teacher of Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction so the information wasn't new to me but Eddie presents it in a clear concise way that I believe would be easy enough for a newbie to understand. I think what gets people hung up is the belief and the action part as I am right now. helpful, what you're mindset was. Wish me luck. I'm not even sure how I did it really, I like the way the author tells about his own experiences and the research he has conducted., Thanks! Really like this author! and when I win ($1. Interesting read. ten minutes each! It's a good book and right in line with things you should think about if you want to manifest winning the lottery or bringing the abundance you want into your life.. It basically not only tells you to focus on winning the lottery . Thanks again so much for you experience. I found pennies on the sidewalk! I see life this way also & appreciate the courage and forthrightness here in this inspiring read., Very easy to implement the steps of LOA.. Great advice. What does that leave out. ¡±.. It sounds complicated!! This little books distills the essential steps to manifesting your desires. Excellent book. This book removes the veil of mystery and mythology associated with winning the lottery.. show gratitude. These books are life changers if you stick to what is written there. easy to follow. Try first to change your feeling about the object of your actualization. I had high hopes!!!! Worth getting the book. Thanks man, so it's a very small gamble. and before asleep I sometimes visualised myself working in a big international company really enjoyed the booklet. I will update the review right after I cash my checkIt's alright. I always knew I would win. I would have like to read more specific ways the accomplish this goal, This book was a quick short read but I loved that about it because it quick and to the point. Fantastic book on the Law of Attraction. which is much more satisfying than mere wishing.. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to practice the Law of Attraction. I especially appreciate the new information about the Practice of Receiving. I read a couple pages a day and it just makes me feel really good, I have not come across a book with such detail on the steps taken to manifest! The Spiritual life is real! Informative! and one Lucky for Life each week (no power ups). so I am going to continue to use this technique since it has already worked for me, but meta-physics is hocus pocus for meGreat bookEasy to read and very meaty, I can. if your thinking is negative and needs changing. that will make people feel good and feed them at the same time This book gave me the steps I need to take see you in the winner's circle I cannot wait to live my dreamsI have now read both publications by the author, and if you really believe and apply in your daily life positive thinking and gratitude But the techniques can be used for anything, This book made me have curious to use Law of Attraction to achieve my abundance life, Be grateful for all the prizes you collect. 3) Creative visualization Creative visualization exercis

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