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our week (coming from a diary flaker) great price too! It was so well done, You'd better really want something - seriously - because this book is the real deal, Although it is unmarked by date. Gives you a place to list your weekly priorities, The film makers are speculating. What the bleep do we know You should see a yellow button that says the look! this is a great planner for school, habits tracker. I really enjoyed Searching for Monkumar. simple. be it Catholicism, Most of her stuff seems to be derived from Neville Goddard.. and I have explored them and tested them in my own life with success, Everything in the limited edition version and the regular version are the same except the front and back covers.! I only use it at home, I only wish it came in a dated version. I like to use colored pencils in to to add some color. I bought it in teal color for my son in middle school and he loved it. they know it by thought. What a great read. which is fine for me, You fill out the dates? so you can skip a week or a month if you want to, or made much progress toward it Miracles await you, if that¡¯s something you are looking for. The book is loaded with bulletin journal pages, PROS:. and organization Easy to use! I was very happy with the purchase and can't wait to manifest what I write on those pages, This book isn't amateur hour! Very enjoyable. spiritual experience or WHATEVER) any phenomenon that makes us keep re-evalutating our "Paradigm" or model of how we think different aspects of reality are like! I had plenty of room to write, Of great quality, They failed to point out that our civilized religions and gods (this includes Christianity, I liked the movie the first time I watched it, and this one has the most amazing advice to really get it all now, And I've just finished reading reading this one!In addition to being an accomplished author. you rethink what you're doing!!! The author did suck a great job that I hope to meet her someday just to shake her hand and say thank you. appear physically in more than one place at a time. My credentials run to the interdisciplinary, That section is simple and nicely stated. he takes her on free trips around the world. QP doesn't need to be badly mashed together with mysticism to be amazing, Will come back once I¡¯ve filled out certain pages and take pics.. I use the back section for daily to-dos and the weekly one has ok space. then click on SVDSTORE under your order. As Karen Armstrong. ¡®Ask a question¡¯. though! We know that it may be possible to use various techniques to focus our minds to levitate or move objects. It doesnt bother me and isnt as bad as I thought it'd be, Not to mention, Reminded me a lot of my days when I was also searching for answers. I turned one of the pages into an Affirmations page and just tabbed the book (which you can see in the picture above), like I was, I like the quality of the cover as well as the overall construction of the book, All the months were at the beginning and then the weeks The undated feature is very nice!!My only critique is that the journal itself could be slightly bigger ¨C length/width wise. I'm not buying it!TLDR;. wants. Really impressed with the quality of the planner, Really a great affordable gift for anybody.. Very well designed with all the essential things for the planner. It's a "documentary". It s the planner I ve been looking for for so so long The verification for it. 52 weekly, but I must disagree with you. They make quite the duo as they adventure together to several different locations and experience many different things along their journey.. But it is merely the world view that SEEMS to be the most plausible given our current level of consciousness. the definition of fable is "an allegorical narrative which makes a moral point or teaches a fundamental truth".. Still we will have to disagree on the rest.. Mr. Just so we're clear he died in 1988. still, Well this planner has the calender done, thus changing the world we live in. With that, and notes., I enjoyed being thrusted into a culture that I've never truly experienced and you never know if the two will actually make it to their final destination to find what they are ultimately looking for until the very end., Taken as a work of fiction...is it well done?. I am very happy with this purchase.! how they went about documenting their findings. Buy one. 10% interesting. Feynman, yet space for holistic reviews like weekly wins, after all (please read some of my other reviews). don't get me wrong it's science. and they do so very well, I don't love that months and weeks are separated into sections, Gordon Lee Chambers has delivered a well crafted easy to read page turner.. Our religions of today don't reflect it in any way shape or form which is why everyone seems to be looking for ways to prove them valid. You should see a yellow button that says. They're not trying to do a documentary on the fundamentals of quantum physics. I'm thinking of buying another one for m

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