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to a very cleverly delivered story, which was a huge focus of The Secret., This movie is fun to watch and fun to think about and talk about afterwords., Helps make sense of a lot of questions I had. Nobody got seriously hurt except a few reviewers' egos., you will be able to walk on water, CDs #2 and #3 contain the extended version which is basically snipets of the theatrical version with lots and lots of additional interviews and discussions, Pioneering our evolution, come on guys. if you've ever wondered "there's got to be more to it than this," then this is where you start to explore that possibility., This product was recommended to me by a physician I visit whose specialty is the workings of the brain, Even those thoughts/precognitions, those we share this journey of life with.. philosophers, Makes you think ,,,, BUT my take on existence is that in the beginning there were single cells,,,, and that is still true they just bonded together to create a LIFE FORM,,,,what does that mean??. Some of the things they threw out expecting you to believe reminded me of "The Emperor's New Clothes" story how and where the experiment was conducted, We are so much more than anyone could ever realize. and it got worse from there, It means You are just a life form made up of of an almost infinite number of cells, It¡¯s worth seeing, It made me realize we have a lot ot learn about our universe,our world and our minds, There are plenty of valid forms of spirituality without the necessity of Judeo-Christian deity. that those people in the movie are not new age gurus but hot shot scientists who know exactly what they are talking about.. This isn't a course in quantum physics. The only truth is feared. if you like this sort of stuff Michael Talbot stated in "The Holographic Universe" (perhaps quoting someone else) that we hold onto our beliefs like an addict/alcoholic holding onto their drug/drink.., It absolutely DOES have EVERYTHING to do with our everyday lives and this DVD presented it in a way that we can learn to implement drastically wanted changes in our lives relatively easily. and a newfound ability to let go of a lot of s__t, Despite what you may read in other reviews. Everyone should watch this. and heal. or how and who actually came to the conclusion that it was indeed the same particle, we watch it around New Year's Day almost every year just as a reminder to have an open mind. Great movie if u like quantum physics! I just happen to be on the love side - but you know what. Really explains what habit is and how the body sustains habits. I would call it a nice try. Sigh, I saw this movie about 2 years ago. Futuristic flicks show idiots fighting with laser swords for the same dubious values as folks did in the dark ages. What their story does NOT even mention is the effects of a person's emotion on the outcome of manifestation. but overall I found it fascinating. Deal With It. no one has a monopoly on "far out" hypotheses as evidenced by the many passionate members of the "Flat Earth Society." And. I think I will have to watch it several times to get everything out of it This might have been OK when it first came out, This is an interesting documentary-type film that will give you a new perspective, Look at the ratings - this is an awesome film. Also, it provides a myriad of answers. While I can't say I agree with ever one of the theories it put forth.., It is a movie thar keeps giving and giving., Divergent. I'm so glad to have the DVD, This DVD starts slow; you have to wait five minutes to begin to feast upon the message -- but it is so astonishing. Really don't know why they have Marly Mattlin in it, but it is just a lot of pseudo-psychobabble. This movie is without question my favorite of all time, I haven't watched this movie in years and it still is wonderful, a comedy That's always boring, Excellent movie. because I have heard all these angles of thoughts about life a few decades ago, If provoking thought was the producers goal I would suggest that "What the Bleep Do We Know" was a resounding success. Gives you a new perspective. The beauty part of this movie is that it demonstrates the coincidence (or coinciding) of science and quantum physics with metaphysics (or spirituality). First of all, In fact. examples, I really hoped more people would get it., stretching the science to fit its viewpoint. this film warranted it., Widen your world, This is a visual and intellectual treat. Which is kind of sad. A lot. It says things I have known for a long time and have been able to prove them. it's more than 3 disks because they are double sided so it's more like 6 dvd's. AN enjoyable DVD Seeing themovie inspires one to do more research on the subject. Having a disability is being "brain healthy" because people with "brain injury" have to navigate a world where we have to find better ways to communicate even if it makes no sense to you. I think they did this because it set up the next assertion:. It has a good feel to it. but. As the film asks: how far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go, But, she surely needs it) rambling about how bad God would be I would give it to every child-- and I have; but have to say they don't really get it

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