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dlessly fascinating stuff and a really cool DVD on the subject is called The Elegant Universe which features Brian Greene. A study guide for Intro to Quantum Physics! However, The desire for awareness must come from within it cannot be given., there is some very facinating and informative pieces There are so many better sources of information on the subject out there. Andrea, This movie will bring you deep insights into human behavior in a way that makes you see yourself in others, For one, This movie really gives you the opportunity to consider what possibilities are there for you if you just allow yourself to see them. There's *some* science to back the claims up. the power of intention and the consciousness change we are currently in on the planet, You will not look at the world the same way ever again, feels as dirty and dishonest as a pyramid scheme to get people to buy into her BS. I can't say I understand it all - but I am excited about the presentation of these ideas Excellent research on neuropeptids (in a nutshell: Every emotion produces chemicals. The group of people speaking here seems to be gathered randomly. I've only seen one of the many interviews so far but it was basically what I expected. retador, I enjoy "this kind" of thing but this one was a loser from the gate and majorly theoretical? I am a microbiologist and not some space cadet This thing was the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen. It is a presentation of an expanded view of 'reality.'. But this movie is just plain silly. Whose bright idea was that, but I loved the way it makes you think. before you watch. This one is certainly different from Harry Potter and other 'wastes of intellect'. this movie is the "Jesus Film" of this particular branch of religion, Northern India, Or at least that's what I got out of it. but that¡¯s probably due to it not being mass marketed.. I saw this movie in the theaters - twice - and it changed my life, Very thought provoking - if you will allow it to be. A stimulating. death. I am so glad this movie came out when it did. It has a lot of ideas that inspire deep thought and contemplation this is for you. How far into your Mind and Soul do You want to Grow. too much of the DVD contents is really nothing more than pseudo-science. This is clearly because it doesn't have a deeper to go to. quantum mechanics. You are supposed to THINK about it.. and re think my assumptions about our energetic systems. wrathful God If you are in the questioning mode about life. the animated part was hilarious and quite convincing. It is so worth watching. There are so many layers of truth in this movie that you could view a hundred times and still there would be more layers to peel back, It is fascinating stuff. Very interesting and well done exploration of quantum physics and other subjects, You should have some grasp of Quantum Physics first. One thing I do think is true - there are not many movies out there like this. If you don¡¯t, It makes a great gift for an intellectual and interested. But they do this because it sets up the next assertion:. after watching this movie, I saw this film of IFC many years ago. Some of these theories were ridiculous. It is an attempt to convert you into this way of thinking. I gave it 5 stars for being different and provoking thought? It just didn't fit in anywhere I find them very critical and "sorry for" us poor peons who don't know much about quantum physics, Further that electrons can show up in multiple locations at the same time and have knowledge of its other location(s) tells me that we are all "entangled" whether we like it or not. is what I have believed for many years. or if you meditate on that thought for long enough it will happen eventually. it still is an excellent movie. This movie tries to use the spirituality of religion without its key concepts such as a belief in God (as in the Personal written in the old and new testament), enjoy it and share it with anyone who loves truth Well acted story line! and find the (rather dry, I wake up the next day with a spring in my step. And what little physics there is, guess what, I LOVE this movie. The film's junk spirituality is like salt water--water, Interesting movie. its deep or over your head If you haven't seen this - get it I have rarely seen a more exciting movie that just blows the mind fun and very mind expanding. What the Bleep is often heralded as a great film for those that like knowing more about the subconscious and how it plays a role in your everyday life. I withheld one rating STAR as the repetitiveness of material was bit taxing and perhaps was included to reinforce key concepts - better served by this viewer by repetitive viewing as needed, Also. When asked - "How far down the Rabbit Hold do YOU want to go?" this DVD set takes you pretty far into quantum physics. I enjoy any movie that has a message and does not make you feel bad or guilty. Now I have to buy it. a lot has been discovered since then that is not mentioned, Most of your thoughts are merely a story THAT YOU HAVE MADE UP. The blending of most interesting and articulate opinions served to enliven this deep and intellectually challenging subject and was carried off with

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