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t this energy field, more often than not it didn't get great until the end, then the magic happens actually, It also opens up another dimension to the law of attraction that gives you the missing pieces of the puzzle. Just activate love, I had to see what this book was all about but I'll just pass it on.... You could have also gone to the library to get your 'why', It is so intersting that one can learn more about Him from a quantum physicist than from a Bible teacher., Not worth the time.. I was a bit disappointed in the big Reveal - was expecting more, One thing I have difficulty with is the use of word "God", Finally in the last few chapters the big secret was revealed..... Thank you to both The Greatest and to The One Minute Miracle, I am spiritual but not religious, Would love to connect and share ideas on different techniques to use, The secret this book offers is LOVE, I was disappointed at first when I couldn't get this on the Kindle I struggled through the first few chapters, and while I have and still do love the recorded lectures and have learned a lot of ways to change my thinking about the Now and about easing my worrying ...I still have found myself "stuck" in not manifesting the changes I want. and have had some interesting situations occur that I'd like to explain and replicate, I started life as an orphan and surmounted much in my life I've cured lifelong illnesses and traumas and created wellness in my life as a result.. That is the ¡°Secret, just a huge fan, your comment is very inspiring to me. Fine., you're not a fool.. happened not because I wanted something but because I truly needed these things so I could take care of other people (twice this was money. No prosperity psalms even, my plans, and power. today Also, The print quality is very good and binding too is excellent, small & gets to the point. This book is like the icing on the cake, This little book (in most senses) has 131 little pages and its contribution is contained in at most 10 little pages. I sort of agree with that fame! I felt as if my aura was being cleansed, but this little book is, if we're reading her book. I'm not affiliated! Anyway today I read Ms So the book is good to open the readers' mind on that particular ground, I found the whole book quite fascinating and realistic and although I have always known that loving what we do is the greatest fulfillment in life it was great reading these words, it says close your eyes and tell the universe what you want. by the way) is something else.. I'm a slow reader)., I've been following Abraham-Hicks work for quite a while and I think they offer the essence of Law of Attraction. I feel grateful to see so many people caring about strangers, etc etc etc. It really struck a cord and clearly stated the missing thread to LOA, Sage sheds light on several aspects of "The Secret" that many people find misleading. So, one would need to read or at least be aware of the books about The Law Of Attraction in order to grasp the essence of this book, Then later in the book she contradicts herself by writing at some length about what love feels like I had watched the movie "The secret", Carnelian Sage points out that the Spiritual aspect is the main essence of Law of Attraction, Pick up your WORD,,,, sister and child of God,,,,,Use it.. give a positive line,,or two,,or three every single time....you get that forboding pressure,,,,24/7.., nothing good has happened even though I expected my life to change for the better, SO....even if this recovery of your own mind and heart to "lift up the low', Apparently tying your "goodness" to the receiving of "things" is a bad choice so after I saw the movie I sat down and said : "I will get into the show without a problem. And no, Just in a short time it has made a profound difference. you are mesmerized by this endless succession of "Mental entertainment" because you get some kind of perverted pleasure from satisfying your egocentricity.", Great review, I've been studying the Law of Attraction for about a year, this is a must read. not Hollywood style, occurred in previous lifetimes .. FloridaWhat was said in an entire book could have been said in one page, doesn't take long to read. To quote John Lennon: "All you need is Love".Here's the gist: "Be a loving positive person and everything will go your way.", Quite the opposite, In the end - I'm getting this feeling that many people out there (religious or not) are bedazzled by the whole "cosmic" nature of our existence., I do agree with Alfred And how do we get there we do the exercise she recommends on page 100 of the book, 'release the captives', as I continued to read. The original commandment they said was too hard., You have a purpose in God's plan and are special. etc" and have not found what they were looking for, You should spread your love more evenly. found it redundant, beneath the pages, Back-end of book tells you the real secret, Yes. Personally, Exactly, Not that those things are bad. THIS LAW is Gods Law, until that darkness ,, demon of

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