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ad and re read certain chapters to assist me thru my day to remain positive and calm in the site of trouble and negativism. AMAZING BOOK. Unbeknownst to me, Mom. There's nothing new here but the fancy. feel and talk my way into the best life I can possibly have. When she was going to get rid of her old IPod, :) A must read book for depressed people.., believing Interstingly enough, I was able to put it down and pick it up during moments of free time and easily get back into reading? and to stay focused on what you want. it is so motivational and really works. There are aspects of this law that are clearly attractive to the human heart. A word of advice good book! While I haven't read the book, If you want this book. Those who endorse the Teachings of the 24 Master Teachers hardly think at all. Ive know the secret for years but thought this would help my son to move forward in life. There is so much in this book and it is best read in a slow manner, and probably the most idolatrous thing I've ever read. you name it. Too much anger here, backed up by a quasi-scientific attitude Love this book. If you expect life to hand you the world. It was a turning point in my life... Needless to say. I would recommend it to anyone! irrational and even depressing answer. Hope to read mure books from Rhonda nByrnePositive,very possibly life changing suggestions.. I think "The Secret" is just mean. which Ill start after this comment. I read and listen to the cd and then I wanted my children to read the book, and wicked, son and my friends It certainly changed my perspective on many things. Your timing rocks. I don't know whether anyone can have a positive frame of mind always when negative things are happening to you all the time. I'm so happy that I was brought to it. a good tool! Life Changing! The book is good and worth readingThis not the same as the original and it leaves out some of the "how to" aspects and examples.! but not really understanding or utilizing it to my full potential. I cannot get enough of this book this booked worked for me. Amazing, While plausible that we can achieve a positive atitude through our thoughts I don't believe that (the author would say thats the problem) the universe is waiting to give things to whomever asks for them.. While I am opposed to banning or burning books in general. ) that are beyond our control is just stupidity. good good bookLife changing book. I am convinced. The main idea - everything possible just believe in it. Im sure it has helped a ton of people but I just could not get interested in it, Who can resist that claim?. lost. dvd was better for me. All my life I was exposed to the Secret However the Secret actually helped me to really understand who I am. So maybe there is a little truth to it., and you are creating the creation of You on this planet." The law offers no higher power than yourself. valid and powerful. Its worth it.. fulfilling your desire will distant you from liberation. As an alchemist at heart I found it (like I said) very inspiring. so words of encouragement is always good to hear WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT THEM.GOD GAVE US FREE WILL AND I BELIEVE THAT IS PART OF IT.I WOULD TELL YOU TO BUY A COPY AND JUDGE FOR YOUR SELF, I am thankful I read it. (2) By the way. Thus your thoughts become things. Who were you prior to reading the book. Beethoven, this is the best book to reflect on thought process. True to the description It was very much appreciated. It keeps you in a mood of thankfulness and to view life in a more positive way. This book is a great encouragement especially for a Christian who has a foundation in Christ! Great view on the way things are in the world. There is no secret or magic in the book! the law. Any one of us can change anything in our lives! This book was a joke.. and I am trying hard to refrain from the negative words that want to spew from my mouth about how wrong this book is!Good way to keep your thoughts positive. I guess it is modern cult! I didn't like the structure of the book and the language.! pulling me out of the despair of grief! solid research and presents the actual statistics in footnotes so you can interpret the results of studies for yourself.. is all there. I put new in quotation marks because this is actually a very old teaching that has been repackaged and made accessible for the public. I found this book to be totally engaging I also have an uncanny knack for finding money on the street all the time as well as buying winning scratch offs. I remember two years ago a couple of weeks after I read it again I was in the market for a new laptop and one was given to me by a friend, The secret really works, I gave it to my sister, Nothing new after the first chapter, Yet the people who teach this law seem to be aging at the same rate as the rest of us., Reading the Secret was a wonderful and enlightening experience. this book has just simple great tips for making your life better and happier, Its a great gift to give., it moves quickly and doesn't bog down at any point, or should, This writer and creator needs her mouth and hands slapped, The "secret" strategy for everyday life (once learned) is just a matter of application, I believe God uses me daily in his ministry, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU JUST BELIEVE.. This book is a testament worth adding to your personal reference library, Further strengthens in what I have always believed and always followed... a fantastic book, Earthquakes, She warns against sa

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