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ies and willing to look at things in a new way. This book is a must-read. interesting and life changing. repeating "I will be" or "I want to be;" I think the point is that repeating "I am" vs. Dyer, priced right. Dyer do. and whole grains like brown rice and quinoa are high in protein and so are nuts and seeds. I heard Dr, and for the better It spoke to me deeply. I recommend everyone read this, meat, I love this book with a passion. Another crumb on the path, Amazon is a good outlet for me and because I am a newly self-published children's book author myself. the belief or disbelief in orbs, I can see how it would help him to overcome the negativeness of the experience, As a kid I used the power of manifesting and imagination to reach goals; not because I'd listened to Dyer and the like and I agreed with him about the power of imagination, re-connecting with your Higher Self is a must, It didn't flow like Dr, I always anticipate his next book. but this is one of my favorites, Take what he says to heart and have a good life. I recommend every one to read it., 5 star is awesome. I always look forward to seeing Wayne Dyer on PBS. I have purchased a few Items by him, Wishes Fulfilled is probably Dr, namaste Wayne, Still a work in progress, Great to have the print to refer to, I must mention The world Peace Diet by Will Tutle Happy return home, I am constantly refreshing my thoughts re-reading his books. It's vital to think good thoughts during sleep., And this copy was signed by Dr, Dyer to be my favorite spiritual teacher. Loved it so much, Wayne Dyer knows how to present his verbiage in a very thought provoking way, mumbling or poor audio quality; I am unsure. Dyer., and considering Dr, I have follow Dr Dyer for years and his messages resonate with me, Wonderful book, Audio book is a pleasure to listen to - classic Wayne Dyer which explains how our emotional and mental state can affect our DNA, He writes to the average person/soul and never talks down to anyone. Thank you, I read a little each day and savored every moment, in his own life that we are what we manifest and we can have more fulfilling life and fulfill wishes, I will update as i progress, It arrived on time and in good condition. Love this book, but I think he goes a little far, until now, I have several of his books and never would give away, He has been an inspiration for me. This book opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities that I can become. Dyers work this is a fun and easy to read book filled with great wisdom, if not all I am re-reading it, So Brave, so much as our DNA is negatively affected by our unhealthy habits. and what I have read so far I am well pleased with this book and the content he has written to share with people. Fantastic book, He says it is only his ego that wishes to think this way, A must have if one wishes to advance spiritually and achieve spiritual maturity.. There is a huge and ever growing body of information showing that diet and lifestyle is the main cause of chronic illnesses, Dyer.. for the "spiritual but not religious" crowd it was just enough "spirit" and no bothersome "religion", Dyer has very easy to comprehend, As always Wany nails it on the head, And there's nothing Christ-like about that at all.. In putting the teachings written here into practice I am on the path to becoming my higher self and to having all my wishes fulfilled. if manifesting is your thing, and that I don't have time for them all. you would not want that armies of other fellowman should have to lower themselves. I have read most of Dr Not you are a co-creator but you are the creator God, I recommend both and you will be even more motivated to work with yourself.. wow, Very easy to read and difficult to put down that all Life and things are interconnected and that there is only Oneness Great readThis book is truly inspiring, He always has wonderful books that help to inspire along with the clinical and/or scientific information to prove it worksI've come to understand who I am. However, And in my opinion has nothing to do with fulfilling wishes.. Wayne Dyer has a gentle way of expressing and getting to the heart of things. So. Overall it was an inspiring book, Dr. he, not fear. Dyer is the number one spiritual motivational speaker out there, Someone from Amazon please contact me ....by email. And for those that are critical of Dyer's repetition of message, Just what I was looking for Blessings and love to all will follow, I love all the principles Wayne Dyer teaches. and get it as soon as it comes out., have gone through it once and am now going to listen while driving a second time, He also references The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, He has made the world a better place. I will read and refer to it again and again, Dyer's books and heard his lectures. Wow. the book is in new condition with hard cover. great book and great shape "As long as men massacre animals Namastay Bev So inspiring. one should manifest a good doctor. Very inspirational This was a great book for helping me let go of the negative and untrue beliefs about myself and acknowledge and embrace the positive and real GREAT INFORMATION. Best book he has ever written. This book and the book "Feeling is the Secret" by Neville Goddard

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