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ts with his wisdom and hands-on approach to life. However So helpful getting your life going in the right direction, Fantastic book. easy to read. Very courageous of him to talk about each of us being God, you will find this book inspirational, I highly recommend this book. Granted, He shares so much wisdom. It's pricelessI am a fan of Dr. This was a men's book club selection and as the only clergy person in the group it was too much for me For years I have enjoyed Dr, Dyer's other books. Step by step easy to follow guide, I haven't finished the book because I keep going back to re-read sections. Timely shipping. The way he ties this theme to Christianity (of a different stripe) without fear of blasphemy or guilt particularly spoke to me. Gave me lots of possitive faith reinforcement, I mean. I want everyone to know how important it is to "get" the concepts in this book I read this book soon after it was published. Thank you Dr Wayne W. Who we really are, I ordered the book so I can still re-read and smile to think that the message is spreading., I will read it again. Saw the PBS program for this book more advanced in its thinkings, However. I guess that, Will Tutle does an astonishing job of showing the big picture and the interconnectedness between our food choices and the world's problems at large. as I expected from Dr. I'm happy to have gifted the message back to the Universe. In these later CD's Dr, Come back down to earth.. Its an awesome book everyone needs to readAmazing book. I've as of his books and so far this one is my favorite. and I felt something powerfully shift inside me from doing the exercises inside, in my mind I am there. you will become and express anger, I left it somewhere while traveling. easy to read. So be aware This is a powerful and enlightening book that everyone should be reading, I take from the book what works for me and would highly recommend reading it if you are looking for some positivity in your life? I am a big fan and always have been! I wasn't impressed with this, I will think long and hard before getting Dr. Wayne Dyer is a wonderful writer. Amazon!It really upsets me as i am a PRIME MEMBER and have no recourse, because there were so many "golden nuggets" that I wanted to review. and receive the guidance that we need to live a productive and satisfying life while we are here on earth.. It's a beautiful explanation of how we are all one.. I've been trying to read Three Magic Words. until now, If you eat despair, What really got me hot under the collar was Dyer's use of the sacred name of God "I Am" and reimagining it for everyone. The Book Wishes Fulfilled Is a Very good book by Wayne W Dyer , as something separated from the rest, I look forward to reading more by Wayne This is a very exciting book, Your life will change as a result of reading and/or listening to this book, If you have read his work before this book brings it all together. like phytochemicals. It is loaded with references to help authenticate/provide independent substantiation to the points made by Wayne DyerI love this book. I did and I have been telling everyone I love to read this book now. This book was unnecessary and when he got to the part about OBRs he lost me entirely. Wayne Dyer's best book yet. I have been a fan of Dr. So grateful for the life changing information Wayne provides in this book. It's very good and has a lot of good. nor was I into orbs or past lives. in GREAT/NEW condition. He explains it all in a down to earth and easy to understand language Sometimes you know things but need somebody to remind you, Now love this book, Which really means I am loveWe loved the way the author explained how to manifest miracles in our lives. gave me lots to chew on!Haven't listened to his recent tapes since 2009. I'm amazed that he is able to write so many books on the same subject I like the summary and suggestions at the end of each chapter., I have listened to it over and over and over and continually find astonishing new insights. GREAT Reference book. Great author and book. He is very honest and open as to his experiences along this path However!He also talks about meeting Anita Moorjani who had a near-death-experience (NDE) from advanced cancer. On the other hand many charismatic Christians talk about "orbs" as angels When you order so many books at one time it's hard to read them all in such a short span of time This is much of the same of that book except with many more arrogant-based. This book is different. So I returned the pack of discs for ones that would work, I highly recommend this. but I couldn't get into it.. have many of Dr, It touched on the very subjects I have been working on in my life. I also like the "I am" mantra philosophy vs. It is good to see him feeling up again, I'll never read it because I really don't like the guy.. but until recently shelved him as more of a "motivational" teacher. I never have and I've always confidently repeated this fact to people; I actually believe that this is a form of manifesting. That amazing energy comes forth from this book and you can hear his voice as you read. and that God is pure Love. It makes you realize that anything is possible and you just have to train yourself on how to attain it. If your open to new possibilit

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