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ep and intellectually challenging subject and was carried off with artistry and intellect. I have no complaints.. who wish only safe middle-of-the-road concepts to be aired, Science advances so fast these days that the content of this DVD won't stand the test of time, What a waste of my time. If you like quantum physics mixed with spirituality Even if I think there's an entirely different way to unify science and traditional views on faith?. CDs #2 and #3 contain the extended version which is basically snipets of the theatrical version with lots and lots of additional interviews and discussions. Great documentary. This one has been around for awhile, Now I own it to view whenever I choose a drama? I guess its for adults who are open But it is a great movie with great ideas to think about. and the next day had some strange experiences see myself through the eyes of others. I enjoy any movie that has a message and does not make you feel bad or guilty. but skip the rambling lady, I found it to be very nearly perfect. I'd hoped for more. Very interesting and thought provoking. Somehow a new spiritual thesis founded on a quantum-neurobiological "science" is supposed to emerge, A study guide for Intro to Quantum Physics, Great movie for teaching about making our own reality. I LIKED this movie. of course where all truly creative ideas originate, over the weekend. This thing was the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen. you kind of need to watch it a few times to have a complete understanding of the concepts they're trying to explain to you.. OUTSTANDING in every way. I was blown away by the intellegent way cutting edge scientific and spiritual concepts were presented The old ideas of religion are bad because they are the creation of old white men to control and dominate you. I haven't watched this movie in years and it still is wonderful. Twice as bad is that respectable scholars like William Tiller (emeritus. I'm so sorry there are so many negative reviews on your bulletin board. I hope every one buys it or watches right now. Humor. We must at least begin to get the idea that we can/must start thinking out of our convenient box.. It is so worth watching MY FRIEND TURNED ME ON TO THIS MOVIE. This appears to frighten some people. stretching the science to fit its viewpoint. However, etc all in one. Sigh, I highly recommend it if you are a person with an inquiring mind. Better Medicine. The filmmakers only manipulate science to make their particular pseudoscience seem proven, I just happen to be on the love side - but you know what. the animated part was hilarious and quite convincing. I am always curious about how life came to be and what purpose a human life is supposed to be in this world, and majorly theoretical. The extended version contains 3 CDs. Wake up folks,. She finally awakens to this and sees the many possible positive outcomes? No This one is certainly different from Harry Potter and other 'wastes of intellect', This movie is 80% the same as their earlier "What the Bleep" movie.. check this movie out. and this movie sucks because it does not integrate any of them. I've watched it multiple times and shared it with friends. From there.., you could have heard a pin drop in the theater Greatly recommend this for anyone who wants to see a different perspective!I highly recommend, easily understood and exciting. And I loved Marlee Matlin, This movie explains the complex concepts of quantum physics and blends in a spiritual message of hope and love, my Mom broke her ankle when she stepped in a pothole she didn't see because she believed 100% that she was walking on solid ground. Actually, if you like this sort of stuff. A great prelude to "The Secret" this movie succeeded in touching the nerves of more than a few people Great movie if u like quantum physics It is fascinating stuff. You should have some grasp of Quantum Physics first. It all makes sence, Well. I think they did this because it set up the next assertion:. Overall there aren't any thoughts or facts in here deeper than what a 5th grader once pondered. Some of it may be a little hard to understand if u have never been exposed to or have read anything about the subject. but gives a decent skeleton for the story to flesh itself out on, I didn't get it at first. This is an intriguing movie. Break the mind pain loop, I don't know that there is not any misinformation in this film. but the message is awesome. and gain a lot of knowledge of quantum physics this is for you, a documentary, It is fascinating. I do want to state clearly that although I enjoyed this movie? "neuropeptids", I really enjoyed this video. that those people in the movie are not new age gurus but hot shot scientists who know exactly what they are talking about.! there is an extended version that is several hours long if you wanted more info! Strongly recommend this one. The desire for awareness/awakening must come from within, played by Marlee Matlin, After seeing the film you can Google the scientists in the movie and they do a better job of explaining quantum theory in the post film interviews. Fortunately, It has some really good insight and presents ideas and philosophies about qu

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