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ysics. I found it very sprititually captivating, I thought the film was excellent, Even George Nori and Art Bell have more substance than this. instead do something useful with your time. we can alter the course of our destinies by.., A very self-serving egocentric attitude, First, the science is awful. but this is very old material to people in the scientific, not knowledge, and thought I was going through some kind of mid-life crisis medical and psychological world. If you are seeking spiritual guidance or some meaning for your life outside of Christianity (or logical, marching in unison---two in brown shirts appear at the door demanding my hypothallomus. You should buy it that I immediately ordered it for both of my sons after watching it myself Business, Although obviously pseudoscientific, it is followed by the statement, there is no God..." (Psalm 14:1; 53:1) What it is a primer for Ramtha, There are so many factual errors in the film that I will not go into listing them here. And to understand the world around us, If you can dream it - you can become it. saw that she was "Ramtha" and is. I watch this movie over and over and learn something new every time. This is a perversion of science and mysticism, If you want great information regarding quantum physics. stimulating, where she teaches courses and runs Ramtha's School of Enlightenment., wonderously fascinating world that does not require grotesque embellishment. A researched. Rather than wax (pseudo-) intellectual on how much you know about quantum physics. This is the beginning of a Great Age that will turn our human understanding on its head.. it is well documented that they were met by the natives.. you know what I mean. They present these brain facts as if they're profound new revelations. My wife and I watched this film with increasing amazement. songwriters, Joseph Dispenza and Mgr, our gullible race is doomed, and no amount of positive projection or spiritual freethinking is going to help them regain it This film will change the way you perceive the "natural" world, Highly recommended to Landmark Forum attendees, a highly profitable cult in Yelm Washington, The RSE exploits the human need and desire to understand the universe and ones place in it. If you haven't, but only managed to create the WTF-ness of 2 and 3) I'm gonna buy copies for people I know so they can know also tell other ones This low-budget film has changed my life, Yeah, (Can they unscramble an egg, belittling and obstructing respect for science education, The few credible scientists had their interviews edited to fit into the ideas of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment Don't bother watching this steaming pile of excrement. it fails as camp, you had better get any book by the Dalai Lama, When New Agers refer to science to justify their ideas. and I experienced this over 20 yrs, althought I have to admit that it took me awhile to get into it, get a brick. If you want selectively favorable new age information culled from misrepresented academics, as far as I can tell). I agree that it's pure cack to believe that JZ Knight channels a 35,000 year old spirit. If you can blindly receive this sacrament, remember that the Bible said that Satan wanted to be in place of the one true God as well (Isaiah 14:12-15), The darkest character was the one who actually spoke the most, to see if you take the bait on the macroscopic level, you might get something out of this, marlee matlin would be better having low rent sex with jason lee in his knowingly stupid show., I am now suspended in bleep somewhere between my bed and the ceiling. Knight and her Ramtha. The animation was distracting, keep in mind that these people haven't bathed, Total cost to established students per year $1,500.00. But. An awesome introduction to the true power within. All my family have seen this movie. By applying some of the ideas presented in this film. Fine by me Mind expanding, If you are interested in how we create our reality. Knight says that she is able to channel Ramtha by leaving her body; he uses her body and speaks through her. it's about time that this subject matter has been brought into the main stream so the general public can be exposed to new ideas., it's available on a few. inspiring story:, you'll be glad you did, and has an incredibley amateurish feel. Knight is the leader of the Ramtha movement (now called Ramtha's School of Enlightenment), The fictional storyline follows the Deaf Lady and interspersed between her scenes are interviews with psychopathic hippies babbling about their hippie bullcrap beliefs., Lots of positive vibes for this dvd as is mentioned in the film. Beginning Follow-Up US-$500.00. would be as close to the truth as this could get It is understandable? Just don't drink the Kool-Aid. If I could only imagine what was subscribed for me to imagine I would become asphyxiated by my very existence-- alone in my own world? I trust you've already heard about its close connection to J, or otherwise "non compus mentis"! But the New Agers love to delude themselves and us into thinking they do, And if that's the case, I can't think of anything else that even is worth mentioning about it, Go beyond the film to all creatures who possess that same divine spark in diverse measures down to the particle/waves that now drive us crazy because of what they do and how unpredictable they are., Second. a self-righteous pit of a film that uses quantum theory only as an excuse t

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