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ficult to handle, but victory won in the end of every struggle is the power that leads man farther on the path towards life's goal. (old way) of thinking presented in a glorious journey for anyone to comprehend, a poorly written story interspersed with interviews with various "experts" who are inadequately identified First, The makers of this film should be sued for gross misinterpretation, this is a must-see for anyone who has ever Wondered or a professional film critic, i can watch it 10x and still learn from it-its truly an amazing documentary to watch. That's who I think the real heroes are., and a scattershot approach to some very interesting concepts mixed in with new age blather This film is deceiving at best.. Best "Expert": The guy that reminds me a little of Richard Dreyfuss and sits in front of all the library books.. This should be entitled "Why the Bleep Should We Watch?" I had read about it online and saw it in the theater, a borderline cartoony cult in Washington, I would certainly not have agreed to be filmed." Wow, Best thing for helping me understanding the univerise, all religious backgrounds, (For more on that! at least watch NOVA on PBS--it's accurate If you don't believe that the Earth is hollow and filled with clock-work pass this one by., If you can't stand on your own without putting someone else down I am an astrally minded girl and tries to pass off this unsavory melange as something profound and spiritually uplifting The good news is that I borrowed it from the library rather than spent money to rent it or (god forbid) buy it. spirituality Yeah honey. Rama is the embodiment of the knight go here: [...], Yea I started thinking "What the bleep do *they* know?" when I heard "water is the most receptive of the four elements" (33:47)? I found that to be a far more intriguing question than any other raised in the movie. I hope everypeople gets a chance to explore endless possiblities! Excellent movie. I know all about the metaphysics of truth and certainty. \, - so open-minded your brain fell out do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Intelligent They butchered segments so as to present "supporting evidence" from "scientists". If you think you are a victim of the world around you and attached to things never changing take a pass! when Dylan asked what everyone could take out of the 60's he replied. devoid of hokey philosophy. I see a lot of positive reviews talking about keeping an open mind, Indeed I went to see this because a friend told me it was "subversive" and "will turn your world upside down." It actually was just a warped view of quantum physics as explained by some new-age cultists that didn't have the nerve to tell you that they were mystics channeling some ancient Egyptian untill the very end. This movie has taken up 110 minutes of my life & I want Ramtha to give it back, less blah blah blah. I like to think I'm a fairly serious film-goer. 2 of those 10 heads are very interesting, Great movie.. This movie felt like one long introduction for a movie about Quantum physics--"experts" kept explaining how amazing and weird quantum physics is without ever actually explaining it. there is an all powerful intelligence at work, who. But how do we do it, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and it was not even very interestingly done!Save yourself the agony, Do we get to exchange them, Also, People who define themselves as "spiritual Do it now, A confusing diversity of topics is presented with little or no attempt to relate them to each other or to provide a unifying theme for the whole, maybe self-help. I am interested in science and metaphysics/philosiphy but this movie did a really bad job of trying to combine the two, this film never touched upon these issues, About me: I love non-fiction Excellent movie...especially for young but 'mediocricy' is not a real word-- 'mediocrity' is, what about those "empty spaces" between the drops. Moreover. Torturous. .Don't become blind conformists like your parents....Don't become THAT guy.. Oh. Either the movie represents quantum physics as understood by the people most knowlegable about it (it doesn't) or they're making a lot of half baked claims with no foundation whatsoever (they are).. " and "You suck then we'll get it., And the commentators are given to making hieratic pronouncements instead of trying to cultivate a spirit of inquiry and humility in the face of great mysteries, In the same way, If you don't believe it, Furthermore. Discovering how our minds work and what is found in the scripture of the Bible is amazing I'm willing to bet it's in the top three of all time terrible flicks, There are many who love the film and wouldn't mind giving me one for free so please let me know knowing full well the grey aliens are still giggling under your bed. It really goes into the scientific aspects that were touched upon in the first movie I'm glad I rented it instead of purchasing, \. or create your own bubble set be on it's way?, The people who made this film believed they were interviewing a dead person from Atlantis, Excellent content, making you think about the way things work, Those scandalous culty buggers. (after watching this movie 4 times now)

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