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ife based in free will.. I've now read the book twice and consider it to be filled with gold nuggets.. I give it 5 stars for clarity. the most important ones taking a look at how we view the world and our circumstances! Why isn't Part 2 first. It's good to be reminded! yet so profound. Well doneAnother! I was encouraged to really put myself in a 'higher frequency' and imagine what by body. It helps with my meditation also. mind, on a troubled day. also check out books by Mike Dooley! Definitely recommend for anyone looking to start changing old ideas and bringing better things into their life.. she kept it simple and easy to understand. If you are happy. Highly recommend, so after reading her book. I think this book is a great tool to help sharpen your mind and feel better about your life. I'd recommend this book very much! This book is truly amazing! and that was what I was looking for! This is someone who changed their life by applying primarily the principles taught by Abraham-Hicks and then tweaking them as necessary so that they worked for her! Was kinda sad it ended I like this quick easy read and felt it was very focused and some important topics. I want to start by saying that the first part of this book I found interesting because it is about manifesting. Read this book and you will feel pure Joy. Liked the ease of reading difficult concepts that help you grow. Highly recommend. my day one starts now. Someone referred me to this book and I tell you what! it verbalized that which I already knew!! Listening to this right now!!! received world class eye care! Great workbook to use on a daily basis to help you get pointed in the right direction to achieve what it is that you would like to achieve. but each day is exactly the same!!!!!! I know that the law of attraction is all the rage these days and many are buying into what a certain popular author is selling! This is an excellent book about the art and practice of manifestation, Thank you for this, In fact you DO get a personal coach and support group on facebook, An added feature to this work book is that you get exclusive membership to Zehra Unlimited Facebook group where she post videos and sometimes video conferencing, Wow... Thank you Linda for such a wonderful and delightful how to book that made me also understand the basics of what I was doing, but many of this type aren't. Now I understand, then I suggest Penny Pierce instead. I am going to go through the 40 days again and again to keep manifesting and practicing the law of attractionI loved the simplicity and ease of the exercises in this book, I recommend this book for persons that believe manifesting your heart's desire is possible but don't really know how to do it., Imagine. Fear is only to help us move forward towards it to understand it and give it some love. I believe that there is much more to it than this and author Linda West has written a great guide to tapping into frequencies that will bring things into your life In a word -transformative, start with forgiveness - including self - and learn to love all. was willing to bring this information through, Thanks for your kind words, Linda West thoroughly explains that rediscovering LOVE is the most powerful frequency we must exist in and as the most important mission for this life journey. I so appreciate this 40 day LOA / manifestation workbook But it also tells you much more about frequency's and symbols and much more. aptly named "The Frequency"! Combine the thought with energy, It will lift you and guide you in the most positive direction in life I have to read various pages before getting to the point of the book! and yet feel as if I'm relearning many things I've pushed aside. the use. I've been able to ask very specific questions and get personalized advice, It was simple and to the point and have examples of the law of attraction. The book offered at the beginning. Highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves stuck when it comes to manifestation or those who are just curious. I Have a good start and will keep reaching for more. I am a witness! Typical law of attraction stuff you can find anywhere, Everyone needs to read these books, without me knowing what I knew I am so glad she did, If you are ready. It's not time consuming. I don't care for books that rely on talk of the Christian God, The author takes common sense and the most basic logic and passes it off as something that is revolutionary and "mystical". And I like this theory. If you are familiar with frequencies. I have shared this book with so many people after just getting through 1/4 of the book because of how incredible it is from the start I love the structure of writing down things to love and appreciate everyday. I would read again... I hated my new job, If you are into that type of thing go for it. This Author captured my attention at the very beginning, Love this workbook. I am a big dreamer, So GRATEFUL & BLESSED that I came across her books...on to her next book! However. She tells you enough to get the point, But did enjoy it as spiritual pers

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