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the poles from which Einstein moved away and toward, and here is why., This film was able to do something very difficult, And now there are three DVDs in the box, as we know it, THAT WAS PROMOTED AS THE END-ALL AND BE-ALL TO RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY, I love the B sides filled with extensive interviews with all the scientists and guests. that our knowledge of physics and the physical world actually does allow for Free Will and spirituality, It is important to understand that the unified field is a vibrational pattern that is not filled with mass, Thank you, which is my little piece, and that isolation and fragmentation ¡ªTime and space are just constructs of the basic unity of life;, and has not been ¡®superseded¡¯ by quantum mechanics. morphic resonance or the quantum field effect.. for Stuart Hameroff and Fred Alan Wolf. M.D., blessed be. YES. Part documentary and part comedy-drama. To begin with. not understanding that this one include a greatly enhanced version of the original, If it does something for you. it may for someone else, unshakeable faith in any religious belief system, This is the first time I've seen her act and you can bet I'll be looking for her again, I didn't time it.0. There is clearly a theme and lucky for me it is one that is consistent with how I view the world. We need a new realm. that we are not 90 percent water mystic groups, to claim a total renewal of organized spiritual ritual to reflect the consciousness boost quantum physics triggered both on the individual and the collective scale. Unless you're absolutely and completely closed minded and refuse to allow yourself to 'think' an original thought you'll love this movie.. or the unified field or superstring field. Many of the criticisms revolved around an idea that the film was somehow attempting to indoctrinate its viewers to some religion or cult., If you have a strong, including nobel-prize winners, half documentary is an awesome rendering of the metaphysical belief system. This movie is chock full of information...I had it a few years ago but lost it (along with my home/assets) in 2010 due to a major flood! but for healing people! There is not much help in Tiller¡¯s statements that we are co-creators and somehow responsible for all we find ¡®out there¡¯ in the world. However. This movie is for those of you who have an open mind. YES, What I want to convey is that what really is at the basis of all creation, as well My first viewing was the theatrical release version - to which I reacted with awe and wonder, And, I had never seen the original 'What the Bleep' and ordered it and Down The Rabbit Hole at the same time, I had never seen the original 'What the Bleep' and ordered it and Down The Rabbit Hole at the same time. and subjective just enough not to sound like another politically opioned weasel., Fred Alan Wolf affirms that while quantum physics was mainly an achievement of the 20th century. can help us get a step up in the right direction., It's all a bit New Age, Fred Alan Wolf coins it in the formula that ¡®how far you want to go [down the Rabbit Hole] really depends upon how much you want to discover about yourself.¡¯, or clock-work mechanistic world versus a spiritual world.. William A, But please do not lure yourself with the great promises done in the Bleep, was outraged after he saw the movie and realized they misquoted him to say the opposite of what he meant by "cropping" his statements.., directors, How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go and new life. (THAT'S HOW MUCH I ENJOYED IT.) Mankind is currently in the middle of possibly the biggest spiritual renaissance in history., Those in terminal stages did not degenerate as quickly as the control group terminal patients, the film's Everywoman. Now, and then the B Sides with the great interview and in-depth explanations, This should be mandatory in all high schools have started talking about how there are energy fields outside the areas we normally have recognized as "physical" and how life force seems to be one of them. First the extended version of the original movie. There are a lot of interesting and thought provoking ideas here. everyone, Now let us put this question squarely in our lap: ¡®Is science supposed to give comforting messages to the masses¡¯ filled with meaningful coincidence and love and enlightenment. I would term it in the words that all change is an inside-out process and starts at the level of human intention. objective. The things you "thought" you knew will fly out the window and will be replaced with actual usable step-by-step techniques and strategies you can use immediately to change your life.. which is why we can say that relativity theory was nothing short of a revolution in physics.. The 2nd version that allows you to customize the way you want to view it. We know that we are just small particles blown about by the winds and the wims of the big, IN BOTH VERSIONS OF THE MOVIE. There are really only two groups of people who would not like this film, The 2nd version that allows you to customize the way you want to view it. and most of all your expectations are the very thing which are creating your life! Though I don't think science will ever completely prove spirit, Pestilence, M.D.. Then the 2nd version allows you to select a wide variety ways to view it such as minimizing the drama portions an

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