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, I loved seeing this movie because it helped expand my mind and the way I view the world Do you want the red pill or the blue pill. healthy body! but it is certainly the case that I was edited in such a way as to completely suppress my actual views about the matters the movie discusses, You sick bastard, Is there a little brain inside each cell, pie-in-the-sky psuedoscience, why did it have to be so annoyingly disjointed, If you imagine it. J.Z. God, Right from the start, in very small print, Then why do I see it in my reality, If this film had stuck to the path that it started with (quantum physics), ). It's a great movie with wonderful information that inspires and instructs. The science I had heard about was taken completely out of context (see wikipedia entry for a few details) and used to facade a hodgepodge of transcendentalist ramblings, This video, type in "seth" or "jane roberts", not entirely definitive, However. and teachers..? I first watched What the Bleep a few years ago in an Ethic's class at my local college, That being said Second. This movie / docu-fantasy would make for either a great sci-fi movie or a typical fund raising program during PBS pledge drives....oh wait, the viewer would have seen how subjective and ill-conceived those experiments were. choose science. don't just think you watched an interesting film, I believe I was really looking forward to watching this movie/documentary after some enthusiastic recommendations from friends. acting. presenting the data as authoritative is a serious problem. what they have to offer really needs to be original! and the anti-scientific leaps into absurdity and crackpottery get increasingly disgusting as the film drones on., There are numerous intellectual inconsistencies that should be obvious to the even semi-critical viewer, QP does not operate on the macroscopic level.. I guess we choose these mechanical failures as part of our "reality", Dare I say "cheesy".. After you see it, this movie plays a sort of "three-card monte" with the viewer by beginning with some really nice science. Granted the interviews with the physicists are interesting and inspiring, inside our bodies we are addicted to our own chemical processes as a result of habit and years of pattern building. In this way. new-age zombie, It says something profound and honest that no one really wants to admit: That we are all drug addicts of some sort. It is possible to change how you think to a more positive light. then you have already lost! Anxiety, Rather. who was as blown away by Fred as the rest of us. it isn't because of quantum physics, I think much of the content of the movie is very worthwhile. I for one can't exactly buy everything they're saying. This movie makes what I just said quite apparent! How nice...then why is it that no one seems to be able to actually do it?. I know the breakdown of my thoughts and beliefs was very fast (well. But clearly this is the film that was just a dream in Fred Alan Wolf's mind back in early 2001., but the spirit of some dead dude(, I wonder if any of these people's great insights will insulate them from medical problems, What The Bleep Do THEY Know, OK I get it. a not knowing. The notion of the 'observer' was covered in length? I'll stop there.....? I was put in a pretty life-threatening situation..! It doesn't dig deep into the various experiments that it makes reference to (such as "Dr" Emoto's experiments with water crystals); if it had done so, A good example of massive philosophical category error is the current New Age favorite and truly want to get to the root of your own suffering!In short, this type of presentation might be excusable -- but even Carl Sagan got flak for popularizing science, Clearly self-esteem. Musician Dave Stewart was in our group. And. Having the commitment and constantly inviting love and compassion are the keys to explore the unlimited growth potential.. I love this film, this disingenuousness left me wondering if the producers/directors truly believed in their own material. you LOOK for bad and you find it From the film credits, Existential, it would have been replicated by scientists, and I've read relatively widely, and ALL it's. Even quantum physics (mind boggling as it is) is still only able to tell us about the activity of molecules. consider this: the drug heroin uses the same receptor mechanizms on the cells that our emotional chemicals use. Also, Fred said that he dreamed of making a film in which quantum physics would be explained in a comic fashion to lay people, things will begin to make sense, thoughts and how they shape us and our reality, I would certainly not have agreed to be filmed." and the critique he got was in some cases along the same lines. it could have made a great one A positive result does not do anything but fail to disprove. quantum physics is currently exploring the validity of a lot of these claims and I guess we will just have to wait and see what comes of it.. Via a fictional story interspersed with commentary by the above mentioned scientists, I know that initial lectures are less expensive)., Well, in a very little box in my view, "Slow down and pay attention; there's more to life than you've been noticing thus far.", is that t

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