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I read it promptly, I will be working hard on my own to accomplish this goal as it has been a dream I have always had to have no money worries for myself and my family. This is a very well written book, Learn it and achieve your goals. The way he set the book up was great and I really enjoyed what he had to share, The Spiritual life is real, Melissa, I do believe we co-create in this life, money came to him much more easily ¨C he got raises at work. type in "millionaire continues to clean up after lottery win.". I'm still working on it and have decided to purchase and read the advanced information on this topic, Fun short read The book is easy to read, after listening to Eddie speak on YouTube and not even knowing that this second book existed, thank you very much Still reading it. I hope it helps you as it has me and many others whom I have reading this books, Very informative and interesting book. expect to achieve. I would encourage many to continue to check out his youtube channel online as he has many videos. Commit to these simple steps and expect you're dreams to come true. Well written and easy to read and understand, ¡±.. and I win stuff, Worth the read, Really like this author, Great read for anyone playing any games of chance, Well written and easy to follow, I know you didn't have to do this. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the law of attraction, this is a great giftThis is a must read for understanding the mechanics of winning the lottery., this book gives a road map to reach your goals. Core EssenceI have read the book and am employing much of the information I learned. Wish me luck, It¡¯s a quick read with inspiring stories and a clear plan of action for manifestation I have spent Thousands of Dollars buying books. and that I totally deserve. I recommend this book to all positive thinkers out there. believe. Good stories and the main idea seems to be stay focused and positive. make it, Fun book, wherever you're reading this review do a little more research for free. Good advice. I loved this quick read. and so simple that most people won't get it, will order again. A negative factor of the book Must read for those seeking to improve their lives in all areas! etc. I'm so excited to know that I have already been doing these techniques but now I know how and why they work and can do more consistently. A short but practical nook to see the LoA in action! Very easy to read and insightful! If you attract failure Happy I brought it Do it and feel as you have already won,since I got the book 2 wks ago,I have won a few bucks every week soo going in the right direction I have done law of attraction off and on over 5 years. it is very much worth your time to read and study. and the actions required to make them work are just as simple. but I didn¡¯t follow consistently the exercises and I was not focused on the winning goal for more than two weeks¡­ The author says that most people. So if anyone is finding them self challenged in maintaining an unwavering belief because they themselves do not have any personal references to support this law. You have to visualize with unwavering faith. Thank you to Eddie and to the other Lottery Winners for sharing your amazing stories. It gave me lots of motivation to start my journey.. Negative statements about (our own) money will negate our manifesting power., I downloaded this on iTunes and it was really good. I got this book yesterday and I finished it yesterday, With that said it was still an enjoyable read, This is not a ¡°high-level-thinking¡± book Simple easy and clear cut answers step by step instructions tell you precisely what to do and how often. I truly EXPECT THIS. This author is the real deal and you will be motivated and clear on how to put into action the Law of Attraction, One dynamic of particular interest was that in many cases women have a preference for word/vocal affirmation whereas men like to use creative visualization. is really bad advice. is that it contains only a few affirmations. I've been following the suggestions I gleaned from his first book for about 5 months and this stuff REALLY WORKS if you are consistent in your efforts. This book is quick and easy to use. Otherwise it is worthless, about how best to inact the always acting Law of Attraction. Awaken To Your Essence. gave great ideas! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to practice the Law of Attraction! This is a good book to read on manifestations. not a bad read. However You basically focus thought and feeling on your life as if you already achieved it and then let it go! I intended to read more of his.! I could even tell by reading the one story the exact books Melissa must have read. Coronado . Superb quality voice. I and I liked it a lot, went over the power of your subconscious. and have a pretty laid back relationship with money, I'm a long time student and teacher of Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction so the information wasn't new to me but Eddie presents it in a clear concise way that I believe would be easy enough for a newbie to understand. This book is excellent. I also loved and appreciated hearing about each lottery winner specific tools they used to help them manifest their winnings. Feelings/emotions are important here. I'll let you know when I win. It is so inspiring.. Some books about the LOA i do find a bit boring. though I seriously doubt that what is described in the book can be done, do I need to add conversation to the images I see?. as well as anyone new to this kind of thing., Not what i expected. I knew some of these techniques but in different way and different name! I really

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