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and it is not a purely scientific one, Give it chance. uplifting, They're great together. The people interviewed were just annoying, awe and wonder about life and what it might mean and might hold, Satinover's--that I enjoyed along with the other movie goers as we all marvelled & smiled along with the positive, The fictional drama woven between the interviews is confusing and, or control in a world where you have little. Ramtha is in it for the money. I want my money back, Eventually, to say the least - can really sustain the development of human potential once the flux the ever-present-but-momentary probabile has long since passed. It's great that this movie was made and that it led me to the book, Um.., This movie isn't a film about mental and quantum science at all, This movie is neither a documentary nor scientific. It is science.", It helped make sense of so many things in life, who saw men with wings lifting into the sky, This video attempts to add its voice to a common theme espoused by fundamentalist religions. reflected by the story) and fun animation that beautiful explains the more subtle points of quantum physics and biochemistry., That doesn't mean it has ANYTHING to do with human consciousness. We cannot be blinded nomore. If you are knowledgeable about quantum mechanics. and I approached it very optimistically! there was no control for this and he actually searched to find a specific ice crystal to match his view of what the word meant. One woman is actually someone who claims to be "channeling" some spirit. my wife gets irritable if she catches me checking my reflection in her pupils" I reply. I challenge you to leap out of a 20-story building and consciously choose the experience of passing safely through the ground's tendencies." I've heard multiple fascinating facts from this movie from friends, who once saw the world as flat, and has a very interesting theme about quantam physics, "What the Bleep" is a landmark in cinematography that will be viewed as a milestone for years to come.., The directing was great. For those who are not you can go back to watching Michael Jackson trials and Fear Factor., I am so grateful that this movie came into my life. I thoughly enjoyed it, I see two very important implications of this movie. but when you capitalise a religion movement (in this case a cult not a new religious movement) you destroy its foundation. Ironically. we can be all we want to be.......... all that matters is just how far down the rabbit hole do YOU want to go, This film could be the pilot episode for a whole fresh season of TV tele-newvangelists, how much more expansive we could all be, Pretty cool, ?" advocates a postmodern. based in spiritual concepts thousands of years old, but a documentary on quantum mechanics will probably serve the more down-to-earth among us better than this, It felt like a film intended to brainwash people with weak minds. first off it manages to explore the external world that us human beings fail to interpret and understand, The only people that can see them are the few people who have developed their consciousness beyond conventional levels but most everyone else fail to understand what they are talking about since we cannot see those limitations, Where at the beginning we first hear from Harvard physicists and quantum reality specialists, This movie takes valid scientific theory and twists it to fit new age beliefs It is the nature of the negative reviews given here that this movie refers to, What the Bleep do We Know is a tangled skein where quantum knots are the Jacob's Ladder to your Metaphysical spine. but know I will be praying that after your path down the wrong road and you suffer because of it that at least you will learn a great life lesson and not just be entertained. What lesson is she learning ! trickery and foolery where others see art I never would have imagined that Q-Physics could be made so accessable and understandable much less entertaining the film is propaganda in its basest form, If you are not ready to hear it all While you may think the video is encouraging you to think for yourself. And if you still buy into this don't miss the link to her sight giving info on purchasing her 8 days to enlightenment program, Oh. and when something rings true we devise ways to implement our discovery. or drinking something strong. Anyone who even has a basic understanding of quantum physics knows that most of this film is an extreme misrepresentation of the truth. The brainless will walk out on it. and it literally shifted my world into a different place, Watching and rereading only serves to devele deeper into the possiblities of what our minds are capable of achieving, This was a thought provoking movie. Peace and Love,. These are people who move through life with a harsh yet invisible filter on that tells them that the world is trying to get one over on them! eye-opening movie a few years ago? they found some scientists who agree with what they're saying. it seems odd to include Satinover in a group of very accepting & supportive thinkers & theorists. QUESTION EVERYTHING IN THIS MOVIE. this film is powerful and intriguing, I just suggest you do some research on the ideas as well as the people who present them before you buy your Nike shoes and drink your Kool-aid? When I first sat down to watch the picture I thought about how strange it was for a film of this nature to be made. It's really a case of bait-and-switch, The bad take on him. It does address some new age ideas, still represents something beyond where we are even if it is who we are) will only prevent progress as no one kno

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