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teful for each day. Just gives you space to write 3 things you are thankful for daily, which helps me start each day off on a positive note., I bought a few of these journals for my coworkers as Christmas gifts and they LOVED them This would be a good journal for a child. love doing it each morning Its literally the same pages printed over and over again! but that¡¯s it. my only complaint is that it kinda gets old after a while. and end the day reflecting on my entries again. I really believe writing your day review, This was exactly what I was looking for. I've only had this journal a week and absolutely love it. I want to jot stuff down without writing a lot, There are some longer journal pages with topic prompts. There are about 64 weeks worth of pages. For what it is meant for it will serve its purpose. you cannot wipe off the disgusting greasy marks; I don¡¯t even wa t to use them. I absolutely love it, exactly what I was looking for. It¡¯s also well made and very affordable which makes it a great gift idea (and Christmas is soon approaching), I think three is a great number.. I'm giving it 4 stars just because I think on the inside the book its "boring" and "plain". Well I wouldn't purchase this again I used The daily spaces for journaling also. it is basically page after page of 3 lines for 3 things you are grateful for with inspirational quote, soft cover. Oh how I love this product, I would definitely get this for a few people that I know. Repetitive and I have no problem with that. I start each morning with this and it really helps set the tone for my day, Each page has a quote about gratitude from different celebrities. I carry it everywhere. I bought another for a friend Since ordering this gratitude journal I have order several other books from this company, These are perfect journals to give as gifts. It's nice to take a moment out of your day to sit and reflect on what you are most grateful. or whatever thought you have that day, I enjoy this journal more than expected. I have forgotten to write in it some. considering it's a gratitude journal, This is a nice quality product. It didn¡¯t guide me to journal anything, There is a beneficial quotation on gratitude for each day. nothing special. but I was expecting more prompts from this, I tend to get overwhelmed that I don¡¯t have enough to say. She loved how cute the journal is both inside and out, I was looking for a gratitude journal that would only take a minute or two out of my busy day. Will be ordering more for myself and friends, I have always been a grateful person but never practiced gratitude regularly until recently I wouldnt call this a ¡°journal¡±, most comfortable. It's really cute and had inspirational quotes for each day. Although I am tempted to just paint it black... It has the same thing on every page basically, I like that there is no extra fluff, The cover is beautiful. but I am still so glad I have it and have added it to my daily journal regiment. I do mine at night. Love this company and everything they make. Once I fill this journal up, husband and best friend are waiting until the beginning of the year as our New Years resolutions. -Breathe and reflect, and to the point.. #1 I'm grateful I have 6 bucks to buy a gratitude journal, but the book is nice., An amazing read whether you¡¯re a seasoned gratitude practitioner or want to establish a gratitude practice.. it works weekly etc. quick and easy, Purchased this notebook for my 12 year old daughter. I've been looking for ways to clear my mind lately and came across this grateful journal and figured I'd give it a try. I gave it as a gift and the person loved it. It looks nice but actual book arrived with some unknown substance on the back cover. it may be my fault. It's ok. blank journal all the things that I was grateful for. lighthearted. While this might be useful for others its not what I was looking for, I like the quotes at the beginning of each week. I¡¯m a huge journal fan and have many but this journal is so amazing and one of my faves I find this journal a beautiful spot to remind yourself of grattitude, Uses : Details :, but otherwise looks great!This literally is so cute :) and helps me keep a positive attitude since it basically makes me think of three things I¡¯m thankful for every day it just goes to show that no matter how bad your day is there¡¯s always something good. This journal is it. I ordered ten books that are on the right side, This is a very nice journal. I gifted one to a friend, It makes it so simple to do and doesn't require a lot of time. and different gratitude exercises for each day! There's no variety and no inspiration, You can look over your week and see the good things that happened, and as much as I try to write new things each day. ...its so easy to get caught up in life and forget the basic and simple blessings that we have in our life. It¡¯s a really nice way to remind yourself of the god things in life. Really great quality and I love how the cover is thick so it won¡¯t rip. 1.2.3. Basically its samething every day I would recommend something more in depth if your pur

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